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Newsletter #72

  1. Moneygun Action: Launched a few days ago Moneygun is an action that allows you to easily make it rain $DEGEN tips. This allows you to easily tip everybody that recast or like a specific cast. You can put a set amount and the action will automatically split the amount of $DEGEN to the users. Launched by @undefined, you can find the action and more info here.

  2. Free mint on Degen L3: Created by @backseats, DropFrame allows users to do a no-code NFT drop via frames. Today we get the first mint using DropFrame on Degen chain. Visit this cast and mint an NFT on the L3 for free.

  3. Trade $DEGEN on Rainbow: @rainbow continues to lean into the Degen community. Yesterday they launched the ability to trade on Degen chain directly in app. They are the first wallet to enable trading on Degen chain.

  4. Another CEX Listing: Today we get another CEX listing as KuCoin has listed $DEGEN. This makes it the 5th listing: Bybit, Bitmart, HTX, Poloniex and now Kucoin. KuCoin is distributing 1.53M $DEGEN. Learn more here.

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