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Newsletter #75

  1. Tipping Allowance Update: Tipping allowances have been significantly decreased for most users over the last few days. Dune and Neynar are actively working on updating the Farcaster data on Dune. The hope is to make data much more real-time. It seems as if some data has been updated via this dashboard. But as of writing no official word.

  2. Onboard friends to $DEGEN: This drop a week or so ago but was missed. DegenLink allows you to send $DEGEN to anybody with an email address. DegenLink was created by the members of @callusfbi otherwise known as Farcaster Builders India. Find out more at /FBI.

  3. Degen Stats: @samo shows us the importance of L3's when it comes to fees. A transaction on base costs $0.02 while the same transaction on Degen costs $0.0000011, a significant different. Also in the last 5 days $DEGEN holders have grown by over 100K and as of writing has 309,831 holders.

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