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Newsletter #79

  1. Deploy on Degen Week Grants: The grant winners for Deploy on Degen Week were announced today. A total of 40 teams were selected for grants by @syndicate, @jacek and 1confirmation. In total 10M $DEGEN was given out. Find the full list here. Listen to the X space talking about the program here.

  2. New Social App: We recently got another social app powered by $DEGEN. @alfafrens launched on Base and is an app for Farcaster users that allows for gated alfa chat subscriptions. Users can stake on a creator and earn a revenue share from that creator’s subscription income. Using @superfluid users can earn $DEGEN every second. Learn more here and be on the lookout for people sharing access codes.

  3. DEGEN Candles: The Degen Candle created by /humankind and @samantha launched today. Buy a candle in frame with $DEGEN. It's a dual layered green and purple candle for ~3000 $DEGEN (~$80). Buy it in frame here.

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