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Newsletter #80

  1. Frames supports Degen L3: Today it was announced by @horsefacts.eth that frames will now support Degen L3 transactions. This will make it super easy for developers to build apps native to Degen chain that users can interact with in-feed. A big unlock for $DEGEN and the L3. @sinaver.eth / @payflow was the first to implement with this frame.

  2. Use $DEGEN to fight SEC: Consensys / @ethereumjoseph is suing the SEC to defend the Ethereum ecosystem. In his post on Farcaster announcing their plans, Joe asked for $DEGEN tips to support their efforts. Find the post here and respond with you tip.

  3. Jacek Podcast: Anytime @jacek is on a podcast it is a must listen. He recently with @humpty.eth on Crypto Sapians (@csm). Listen to it here.

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