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Newsletter #84

  1. Airdrop 2 Season 3: Claim for A2S3 will go live tomorrow at 8pm PST. @jacek also announced that allowances will be reduced moving forward. You can claim at Be mindful of clicking malicious links. This dashboard by @rjs gives you some great stats about each airdrop. You can see the power of each season continues to decrease.

  2. Pokemon X $DEGEN: Yesterday @courtyard @decentxyz and @samuellhuber launched a frame allowing users to collect a Pokemon card with $35 worth of $DEGEN or ETH/USDC. Today, they added new cards and if you pull one of the three cards you can earn 1069 $DEGEN (~$20).

  3. Crossword Puzzle for $DEGEN: Really cool game by @downshift. Downshift seeded a fresh wallet with 10,000 $DEGEN then created a crossword puzzle in which every answer contained the words for the seed phrase. It was solved in under 2 hours. Great game and well played by the winner.

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