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Newsletter #85

  1. Button Game: Innovative game by @buttongame.eth. Launched on the Degen L3, pay 69 $DEGEN to press the button. The last one to press the button wins the pool. To be the "last" 1000 blocks on Degen chain must pass (~ 4min). The pot was seeded with 250,000 $DEGEN and each time somebody plays $DEGEN gets added to the pool (90% to the pool, 10% to the team). The pot currently sits at $261,500 DEGEN (~$4,445). Visit the website here and play it today. Well done Fry!

  2. Physical Tophat with Realtime Updates: @cryptoelement showed off a Tophat that displays the $DEGEN price in realtime. It's a great merge of the digital and physical. Watch a video of how it was created and the final product on @drakula here.

  3. Wake's Takes: "Build your brand. Be nice. And earn in a lasting way, less stressfully" - @wake (h/t to @brg for the name).

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