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Newsletter #86

  1. Tipping Dashboard: We get a Dune dashboard by @4cademy that is a Degen allowance calculator. The major changes are a 5M cap allowance for the entire ecosystem, and each individual allowance is calculated as a portion of this cap. Visit the dashboard here and type in your username to get some data on your allowance.

  2. Earn $DEGEN to Learn: @4cademy also launched a Learn-to-Earn frame where you can earn $DEGEN. Read educational slides and then answer the quiz at the end to earn $DEGEN.

  3. FarHouse Access: @FarHouse is a audio spaces app that uses $DEGEN as their native token. Today they launched a frame that tells you how to get access today. Visit the cast here to learn more.

  4. Update from Farcon: See the below cast by @wake for some alpha at today's Farcon event.

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