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Newsletter #87

  1. IRL Tipping: Always love creative tipping mechanisms and the merge of IRL<>URL. Yesterday at Farcon, @grin brought tipping $DEGEN offline by handing out Degen dollars with a QR code on the back of it to redeem your tip. A very cool and well done project.

  2. $DEGEN tips Season 4 FAQ: @rjs has been a key contributor to data and information for $DEGEN. Today he drops an FAQ for Season 4 tipping, it's a must read with great info. Here are some takeaways: 1. The tip allowance curve has changed, benefiting older and larger accounts 2. Only reactions to casts that were casted at most 8 days ago will now be considered 3. Daily tip allowance is now capped at 5 million DEGEN across all eligible donors.

  3. DegenPad Airdrop: @degenpad is an Initial Tip Offering (ITO) produce that allows users launch new projects using $DEGEN tips. Today they did an airdrop to users that provided tips for $DPAD. Visit the cast to see if you qualify.

  4. The alpha is using products: Great cast by @tanishq highlighting some of the projects integrating with $DEGEN. Every day new projects are building with $DEGEN, use to explore and experiment and you just might earn.

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