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Newsletter #89

  1. New Degen L3 NFT Marketplace: Yesterday @pfeffunit launched Simple NFTS for Simple Degens. It's 100% onchain marketplace with no fees or bonding curves that makes it easy for anybody to create and mint NFTs. @sgt-sl8termelon launched the genesis collection for the marketplace titled I Resolved To Live For The Next Day, a collection of 333 for 420 $DEGEN (~$9).

  2. DEGEN hacks: We will likely see much more coming out of the FarHack. Here is a DEGEN native project that came across the timeline. Degen Queue by @m0nt0y4: a cast action that allows you to keep track of casts that you want to tip $DEGEN. Hopefully more to highlight soon.

  3. Degen Tattoos: Degen themed tattoos were being done at FarCon. @jacek created a bounty on Pics or It Didn't Happen by @kenny for people that have Degen themed NFTs. See the bounty here and the collection of tattoos. If you have yet to check out POIDH you really should, since launching on Degen L3 they are seeing impressive usage.

  4. Largest Tippers: @rjs hits us with another banger dashboard that shows Degen's Biggest Tippers. People that consistent tip at a high rate: @imthedude, @ace, @buttongame.eth, @ciniz

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