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Newsletter #91

  1. Music NFTS on L3: Today by @tempetechie.eth and team launched support for music NFTs. NFTDegen is a NFT marketplace on Degen chain. There is a dedicated music section and once you purchase an NFT you can listen to the song and watch the video. See this thread for more details and learn how to upload music NFTs.

  2. Questbook -> FBI -> $DEGEN: Questbook announced a partnership with @callusFBI (Farcaster Builders India) that they will be giving 25K worth of $DEGEN grants in partnership with /degendao. Anybody looking to build on top of the Degen ecosystem can find more deails and apply here.

  3. ETH to Degen L3: @proxystudio.eth continues to provide value to the Degen community and ecosystem. Yesterday a WETH contract was deployed by @decentxyz to Degen L3 allowing people to bridge ETH to the Degen L3. @proxyswap now supports DEGEN/ETH, use it to swap.

  4. DEGEN dAPP of the Month: Respond and vote to this cast by @jacek and the top mentioned and liked project will get featured on the homepage for the month of May. Voting will close this Thursday (May 9th) at midnight CEST.

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