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Newsletter #92

  1. Another L3 NFT Marketplace: DegenZone, a NFT marketplace on the DegenL3 is planning to launch soon. @dtractus gave a preview in this cast. The team recently launched Hatterdasher's the first PFP collection on Degen chain and Dtractus hinted at some added utility for /Hatterdasher holders.

  2. Degen Ecosystem List: With so much happening, it's hard to always keep up. Today we got a great Degen ecosystem list from @farmedia.eth. The graphic highlights the different communities and projects by categories which gives a helpful understanding of things being built within Degen. Mint the graphic as an NFT on Zora here.

  3. Degen Digests: Today @outposts.eth whitelisted $DEGEN allowing any holder to create a digest that sends them Degen related content directly to them twice a week. Outpost will highlight news from Twitter and Farcaster making sure that you don't miss anything when it comes to the Degen ecosystem. Learn more here.

  4. 100 ETH $DEGEN Buy: Yesterday Virtuals Protocol, an onchain AI Agents society on Base, bought 100ETH worth of $DEGEN. This came after they ran a twitter pool of if they should buy $FRIEND or $DEGEN. Over 2,800 votes were casted and $DEGEN won with 54% of the votes. Sourced by @standpoint.eth.

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