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Newsletter #94

  1. Musician Grants: This week launched support for music NFTs on Degen L3. Today they announced a grant program for up to 10K $DEGEN. See this cast by @tempetechie.eth and follow the links for more details.

  2. Showcase App on Degen Explorer: As the ecosystem grows, app discovery is getting harder. To help give more visibility to projects building in the Degen L3 ecosystem @jacek and team have created a dedicated page on the Degen Explorer website. If you are a builder there is a link to submit your app.

  3. Pixel Nouns on L3: Launched last week, Pixel Nouns is another cool project by @markcarey. Mark also brought us the Degen Faucet. Pixel Nouns allows you to mint any cast via a cast action. After minting you receive a generative NFT featuring the signature Nouns noggles. The NFT lives on the Degen L3.

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