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Newsletter #97

  1. Degen Chain Down: Degen Chain has been down for over 24 hours. @conduit is currently working on the issue after a custom config change was made on Friday. There has been no announcement of when the chain will be back up, but expected to be in the next 24 hours. Follow @conduit or @syndicate for updates.

  2. Added Liquidity to WETH/DEGEN: @jacek announced that liquidity was added to @aerodrome's WETH/DEGEN pool. This initiative introduces a new Aerodrome liquidity pool designed for concentrated liquidity. The pool currently has over $4M in TVL and an APR of over 840%. Find the pool here and deposit.

  3. FarHouse is Live: @farhouse, audio spaces for Farcaster, is now live. The app is using $DEGEN as it's native token and you can tip users $DEGEN during spaces. More information in this cast, including the test flight link. Download today to start listening, talking and tipping!

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