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Newsletter #99

  1. Degen Chain back online: After nearly 48 hours of downtime, @conduit announced that the Degen chain L3 is back online. You can find a thread here about current indexing and other details. They will share a full postmortem in the coming days. If you are still experiencing trouble, this thread by @tempetechie.eth is helpful. The @syndicate and Conduit team have also set up group chats for builders and community members, reach out to @will if you need assistance.

  2. Degen Town Hall #1: On Saturday, May 18th @ 12pm EST @wake will be hosting the first Degen Town Hall on @farhouse. Use this frame to add to it your calendar.

  3. Transparency: There were some concerns about @jacek selling a small of amount of personal Degen. He posted a thread that was extremely transparent about his plans with his tokens. His token ownership is 5% which will be vested over 5 years. He will sell .75% of the supply monthly as the 5% unvests, after that he will stop selling.

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