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Newsletter #12

  1. Degen iPhone Widget: Lots of questions about how to see tip allocations and current tipped amounts. @iamng provides us with a great widget to see these two statistics on your phone. Extremely convenient and easy to install. Well done! Thank you NG!

  1. Wegen - Keep your hat on edition: Created by @chriscocreated, Wegen is an NFT in the shape of a Tophat that acknowledges every user that still has the Tophat in their username. Free mint on Zora.

  1. Degen Explainer by @fullvaluedan: This video by Dan hit the timeline for the first time today. It was created two weeks ago but is a great explainer for anybody wanting to learn more about Degen. It's a 13 minute video that is dense and info and explains all the necessities of the DEGEN community and token.

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