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Newsletter #14

  1. $DEGEN announces 490.5 ETH fundraise: Today @jacek officially announced the $DEGEN fundraise by 1confirmation and 21 angel investors. Its a strong group of Farcaster OGs that are deeply rooted in the ecosystem. It's a great sign for the longterm strength of Degen. Tophats off to Jacek for continuing to lead this community in a thoughtful way!

  2. Liquidity mining update: A snapshot of liquidity mining rewards will be taken tomorrow in preparation for the first claim which will occur on February 22nd. You can learn more about $DEGEN liquidity mining and see the leaderboard here.

  1. How it started -> How its going: $DEGEN has hit over 20k holders and over the last few months has been integrated into many DeFi products, games, NFTs, marketplaces and wallets. It's crazy to think how far the community has come over the course of two months. We can only imagine what will happen over the next two months. Thanks to @itsbasil for the reminder.

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