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Newsletter #20

  1. DEGEN Frame Bounty Winners: With a slim margin of 5 votes between them, both @abhishekkumar and @owl @niconode received 1.5M $DEGEN. @niconode and team are responsible for @lottopgf, the onchain powerbald lottery. @abhishekkumar and team are responsible for Degen Jack, onchain game using $DEGEN.

  2. Comic competition for 50k $DEGEN: Use the template and create a creative / funny comic strip and win 50K $DEGEN. The competition is hosted by @animated. Use the template to create an original comic strip and reply with it to this thread to participate.

  3. More than a memecoin: @juli reminds us all of the things $DEGEN has accomplished in 2 months. Excited to see what the next few months have in store.

  4. DEGEN News: Thought this Degen news pixel art by @thrive was very cool. @thrive has a collection that can be found at

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