Embeddedness as a web3 go to market strategy

How do you get more users?

You could try talking about your product a whole lot - on twitter, in person, wherever, whenever.

But that is slow, and everyone shills their own product, even if it's bad, so people don't trust that the recommendation is authentic. It's a weak signal.

Some products, entirely through authentic usage generate mentions on other products, using their audiences to grow. This can create a fast flywheel where some people use your product, and by doing so bring in 2 more people to use your product, and each of these in turn brings two more people, just by using your product naturally.

great user driven customer acquisition can bring about

NFTs are a great example. Someone mints your NFT, and it shows up on their profile across web3 apps, on Farcaster.xyz new NFT mints, on Interface.social and if enough people mint, it shows up on mint.fun and icy.tools for people trying to spot trends to mint - that's where you want to be.

Everyone is using NFT free mints to ride this wave - but that won't last forever, as more and more brands try to use that growth strategy. It's also not the best way to communicate what your product does, or why it's great.

The best embedded growth strategies teach new users how to use your product and why it's valuable.

Here are some examples that come to mind

Charts like those from dune.com that are easy to share on websites, discords, twitter, ...

Allowlist sharing, like these by bello.lol

Launchcaster.xyz "like to mint" and @launch bots across platforms

Interactions via social bots, like @readwise save

Login with Unstoppable domains

Showtime.xyz 's Pre-Save on spotify to mint

NF.TD as profile homepages that replace linktree in twitter bios

There are many more examples and opportunities out there for web3 projects to embed themselves across the web to grow their reach, and finding a great way to do it can change the fundamentals of your project.