Diamond DAO Weekly Update - Edition 1

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Diamond DAO's newsletter!

Our newsletter will cover developments related to Diamond DAO's product, research, and governance initiatives.


Over the past few months Diamond DAO has been laser focused on shipping Chainverse.

With the launch of our private beta in early April we've had some time to reassess pathways to contribute to Diamond DAO.

On Wednesday we held a discussion with Season 0 contributors to brainstorm strategies for improving our Contributor UX.

Our first step towards implementing community feedback was releasing an updated bounty board and guidelines for bounty hunters.

The most significant change was requiring aspiring bounty hunters to secure a Diamond DAO member as the "sponsor" for their bounty.

On Wednesday DAO contributor Fernando published an updated summary of Diamond DAO's and a forum post outlining next steps for implementing Diamond DAO's tokenomics strategy.

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