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The Keeper Of Time And Randomness

Fenrir: Keeper of Time and Randomness

Lupus Terra, a land in the Canis Cosmos, is renowned for its powerful magic that reigns supreme above all others. Among its inhabitants, the Seer, Fenrir stands out as a wise and powerful being. He possesses the gift of foresight and can control the elements with ease. Despite his immense power, Fenrir chooses to live as a loner, spending his days wandering the wilds and communing with nature.

Despite his solitary nature, he commands the respect and reverence of all who know of him, for his predictions and counsel are always spot-on. He is known as the Keeper of Time and Randomness.

One fateful day, Fenrir had a vision that shook even him to his core. In his book of truths, he saw the Canis Cosmos, the realm of the wolves, in grave danger.

Dark forces were gathering, threatening to destroy everything.

This was the final image shown to him.


Shortly after, the pages in his book of truths ripped up and scattered into the wind.

With his book of truths scattered, Fenrir turns to a select group of individuals for help. Will you ally with him to find the missing pieces and help keep the balance of the Canis Cosmos before it's too late?

The fate of Canis Cosmos and its inhabitants rest in your hands. Do you answer the call?

Spread the exciting news to the rest of the Canis Cosmos if you are an ally of Fenrir! Randomness may smile upon those who take action. (Click on the timestamp to be brought to the tweet.)