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Is there intelligent life that can coexist with humanity outside of Earth?

The age old question...

One day a group of humans devoted to answering this question discovered a strange anomaly in the constellations. They had no idea what it was, but they were determined to find out. They built a spaceship and set out on a journey to investigate the anomaly.

As they traveled through space, a wormhole opened and swallowed their spaceship. They managed to make it through to the other side, and were astonished by what they saw. The stars were vibrant and colorful, the planets lush with life, and as they would soon come to find out the lifeforms were quite wolfish.

They just entered Canis Cosmos.

A universe where intelligent wolves rule and tasked with protecting the balance of the universe. As the humans explored Canis Cosmos they were surprised when the wolves they encountered were able to communicate back. They learned of each other's stories and shared wisdom. Not all of the wolves however were friendly and they quickly learned of a darker side that had befallen Canis Cosmos...

Will the humans be able to make it back to Earth to tell of their tale?

Would other humans even believe them? A universe full of talking wolves.

Or does the universe have something else in store for them?


The Canis Cosmos organizes all its character stories using hashtags (#). To learn more about a particular character or to follow their journey, use the hashtags as a guide. By clicking on the # from the main page, you will be taken to a directory of all the stories for that particular character.

The linked article found in this section below will be the character's first story.

  1. #doc the wolf - Children's book author by day, meme connoisseur by night.

  2. #dr. lupin von strife - Mad scientist or misguided doctor?

  3. #fenrir - The Keeper of Time and Randomness.

  4. #cipherous black - I Solemnly Swear I'm #PupToNoGood

  5. #luna - Coming Soon

  6. #krieg - Coming Soon

Keep in mind that some of these stories are only accessible if you are allied with Fenrir to be able to see their memories.


Certain NFTs may grant you the power to influence a character's storyline in some instances. Currently, we're testing the voting mechanism using Snapshot, but this could change in the future, and the way of voting might be altered as well.

Snapshot is gasless and permissionless to vote. You will have to connect your wallet and submit a signature to prove that you own the wallet.

You can join the Canis Cosmos Snapshot community here.

How To Vote

*Allies of Fenrir will always have a vote as long as there is a voting system

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