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Doctor Lupin von Strife

Mad Scientist or Misguided Doctor?

Deep within the dense forest of Evolution Woods, there lives a reclusive gray wolf named Dr. Lupin von Strife. Though he keeps to himself in his lair, the animals of the forest seek him out when they are in need of medical attention. Dr. Lupin von Strife is a skilled doctor with extensive knowledge of herbs and medicine. However, beneath his helpful exterior, Dr. Lupin von Strife harbors a sinister ambition.

He uses his medical expertise to manipulate and control the animals under his care, experimenting on them with dangerous and forbidden techniques to enhance their abilities and even creates monstrous creatures to do his bidding.

The animals, unsuspecting, leave his lair feeling better than ever, but they do not know the price they pay for his help. Gradually, Dr. Lupin von Strife's power and influence grow, and he begins to control the entire forest from the shadows.

Will his reign end at Evolution Woods, or will fate have him step further into the Canine Cosmos?

Read on to see how his story unfolds...


The Key To Tranquility

The Hunt For The Missing Ingredient

The Somnus Draught

The Scientist's Dilemma

The Power Of The Collective

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