The Hunt For The Missing Ingredient

Uncovering The Power Of Somnus Draught

The allies of Fenrir made a pact to assist Dr. Lupin von Strife in his search for the missing component necessary to complete his sedative potion, Somnus Draught.

The doctor handed you a scroll and spoke.

"The answer to this riddle will reveal the location of the missing piece. I must be vigilant, for I cannot risk the ingredient being shared with others who may wish me harm. Solve it and bring it back to me, so I can finish the Somnus Draught and bring peace to those in need."

A toxic treasure, with a deadly allure,
Inhaled, it can bring an early funeral,
With skin, it burns, a fiery scar,
Dependency on it, a deathly bar.
From it parted, life fades away,
It is found in nearly every aspect in the Evolution Woods.
This dangerous chemical, what could it weigh?

A solitary champion must step forward to support the doctor in his pursuit. Who among you will unravel the mystery and find the missing piece? ⬇️

When the answer is discovered, swift action is imperative. The first to retrieve the ingredient and present it to the doctor will be granted the privilege of helping to craft the Somnus Draught.

Fortune smiles upon the daring.

Sleep or Wake

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