The Somnus Draught

The Critical Ingredient Revealed

In the previous episode, Fenrir's allies were tasked to solve a riddle that would lead them to the missing ingredient needed to craft the sleeping potion, Somnus Draught.

The Fate Of Somnus Draught

The missing ingredient was solved by Dale Mueller- H20. With a weight of:

The contents were delivered safely to Doctor Lupin von Strife.

After delivering the ingredient, Dale was faced with a decision: either to safeguard the recipe and procure the ingredients alone, thus preventing Dr. Lupin von Strife from tranquilizing the animals, or to aid Dr. Lupin von Strife by sharing the recipe. He decided:

"I share."

Dr. Lupin von Strife will be delighted to have more allies to join his cause.

By helping him craft sleeping potions, more animals can be sedated, allowing the doctor to perform operations on them and eventually turn them into his loyal army.

The Scientist's Dilemma

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