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I don't speak directly (yes indirectly in my art) of war and current struggles a lot because I've experience more than my fair share of violence in this life which has torn my life apart.

People put expectations on survivors to turn around and keep fighting. At some point though we become so beat up, old and tired and know we can't take direct hits anymore. We also wonder when we get to stop being thrown into the fire told to fight for ourselves and someone else will step in.

So we try to build a more peaceful life around us in a small attempt to hold onto a sliver of hope for the future. For me personally, that is built in many ways around me physically but also being here in crypto.

Being a tech junkie artist is simultaneously a physical escape from the harsh realities while also being constantly mentally on the frontlines of international politics and massive power dynamics at play.

I'm here for the art, tech and systems ultimately because I want to see it all serve humanity as a whole as a point of freedom from same power structures that keep killing innocent people and maintaining their control thru fear and violence.

Being an artist saved me from what I've been through in this life so I will always believe art can save the world.

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