Enjoy Weekly #2

FarCon is this week! There are not one, but TWO Enjoy adjacent soirees to attend.

First up, Free Wifi

Followed by Airplane Mode

Tip balances are live on enjoy.tech. No more worrying if you've over or under tipped.

Oh, and you can now Enjoy your favorite token via Coinbase Wallet.

Energy, Zora's first (and only) Nouns-style DAO is dishing out Enjoyment to creators via rounds.wtf.

You asked for it, you got it. Cross-chain swaps between ANY ERC-20 on the Superchain via Decent, including the most Enjoyable of tokens.

A lot of artists are choosing to grow their $enjoy stack by creating works mintable with $enjoy. Sometimes though, collectors makes huge mistakes like not owning any. No problem, Zora and Decent have got you covered.

A social media roundup of all thing Enjoyable.

People like the cross chain swaps.

There's no wrong way to $enjoy.

Enjoyers look out for each other after hacks.

You love to see it.

A weekly selection of art mintable with $enjoy.

Pamilo.eth is a master of colorful whimsy.

Struttin', stuntin'

When the cyber gummy hits...

And don't forget to Enjoy.

Happy FarCon week!!!

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