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ENS DAO Newsletter #62


Newsletter Roundup (tl;dr):

  • ENS Labs Update: ENSV2, ENS Stats, Subgraph Migration

  • Community Updates:, EVM Swiss Knife, Dhive

  • Meta-Governance: Financial Report, Governland App, Open Discussions

  • Ecosystem: ENSV2 Q&A w/ Nick.eth, Project Presentations, Service Provider Updates

  • Public Goods: Meta Gov Project Highlight, ETHGlobal Presentation, Pairwise


Welcome to the ENS DAO Newsletter:

  • New editions — published bi-weekly (Tuesdays)

  • Previous editions are archived on the ENS DAO Archive.

  • New proposals are broadcast to Telegram.

  • ENS DAO Dashboard is now available for public review.

  • Submit feedback — tell us what to feature!

📅 Calendar

Refer to the ENS DAO Calendar for ENS DAO working group calls and other events.

The Term 5 Dashboard, managed by the Meta-Governance Working Group, provides updates and summaries of DAO governance and initiatives. Regularly check it for the latest developments.





Upgrade DNSSEC support




Commence Streams for Service Providers




Determine ENS Labs’ next steps in litigation




Funding Request: Meta-Governance Working Group (1H)




Funding Request: Public Goods Working Group (1H)




Funding Transfer: Public Goods Working Group (1H)




Enable Self-Funding for the Endowment




Security Council




ENS Steward Vesting Proposal




Funding Request: Meta-Governance Working Group (1H)




Roles Modifier V2 Migration




Note: A minimum of 100 $ENS is required to submit executable proposals. Once a proposal gains momentum, the stewards will prioritize it for a vote during the designated voting window. See our Governance Docs for more information. To view the real-time distribution of voting power among delegates, visit

Proposal in Queue:

Proposal: Roles Modifier V2 Migration and Updates to Endowment Permissions

Karpatkey’s upcoming proposal introduces the activation of Roles Modifier v2, enhancing treasury management operations with features like allowances and improved visualization. The revised permissions policy enables swapping actions on CoW Swap while removing obsolete actions and protocols, ensuring robustness and security within the DAO ecosystem. Read the proposal in full here.

ENS Labs Updates

ENS Stats: May 2024

In May 2024, the ENS Protocol registered 29k new .eth domains, bringing the total to 2.1 million. The protocol generated revenue of $1.2 million during this period, all of which were allocated to the ENS DAO. The number of Ethereum account holders with at least one ENS name increased by 25.4k, totaling 886k. There were 23.5k primary ENS names set, making the overall count 851k. Additionally, 7.5k new avatar records were created, reaching a cumulative total of 174k. — 1

ENS Labs Announces ENSV2

ENS Labs has announced plans for the ENSV2 upgrade, aiming to enhance decentralization, reduce gas costs, and improve multi-chain interoperability. The new hierarchical registry system will offer better control and customization for users. ENS encourages community feedback to shape this next generation of their service. You can view the full proposal here and leave technical feedback here. For more details, visit the ENS Blog. — 05.28.24

‘Decentralized Web’ Documentation Now Live

Luc.eth has announced the launch of a new “Decentralized Web” documentation page, which is the beginning of the dWeb section on the ENS Docs site. This draft document provides an introduction to hosting a decentralized website using ENS. Luc.eth is seeking feedback and suggestions from the community to improve the content. To view the draft and provide your input, visit the Decentralized Web documentation. — 05.28.24

ENS Subgraph Migration

The ENS subgraph has successfully migrated to The Graph Network, enabling ENS to seamlessly pull and display onchain data on in a decentralized manner. The ENS subgraph organizes data, including directories of ENS domains, ownership records, resolver addresses, and more. This integration enhances data accessibility and efficiency for ENS users. For more details and to explore the subgraph, visit The Graph Explorer. — 05.31.24


Starknet ID has launched an integration with ENS, allowing users to easily claim a .snid.eth ENS subname through Starknet wallets. This integration simplifies the process of obtaining a .snid.eth subname, enabling users to claim it from Starknet wallets like Argent and Braavos. This development provides a streamlined way for users to get their .eth names on an L2 solution, enhancing the utility and accessibility of ENS within the Starknet ecosystem. — 05.30.24

Luc.eth at ETH Events

Luc.eth, Developer Relations at ENS Labs, participated in both ETH Berlin and ETH Prague. At ETH Prague, he and v1rtl discussed DAO Controlled Frontend Deployments using ENS and IPFS. In Berlin, his agenda included topics like Account Abstraction, Spec Writing, and Scaling ENS with a focus on subnames. For more updates, follow Luc.eth’s journey on X. — 05.31.34

ENS Media Alerts

Community Updates

Call for Community Feedback

Participate in improving the ENS Ecosystem! Provide feedback on Canny, where members of ENS Labs and Working Group stewards will work to address your submissions. The ENS community can submit feedback in three main categories: Feature Requests, Integrations, and Bug Reports. You can also participate by upvoting or commenting on existing submissions. We’re listening to the community, send your feedback on Canny now.

Request for Builders

Share updates on projects developing ENS for consideration for inclusion in the newsletter. Submit contributions and describe at least one nifty feature about your project for potential inclusion in the newsletter. Send your contributions here.

ENS Weekly Round Up by Limes.eth

ENS Roundup Part 4, prepared by limes.eth, covers key announcements and integrations. Highlights include a $250k bug bounty program by Immunefi, a collaboration between Gary Palmer Jr. and ENS Labs for “Watercooler Spaces,” and the conclusion of the ENS Identity Gitcoin round. Additionally, Gemini has added support for ENS domains, and a new ENS Governance Risk Dashboard has been created by Avsa. For full details, check out the post here. — 05.22.24

Community Discussion on ENS Delegates

The ENS community is discussing what it means to be an “effective delegate” within the ENS DAO. This conversation aims to define the roles, responsibilities, and expectations for delegates to ensure effective governance and representation. Community members are encouraged to share their thoughts and insights to help shape these guidelines. Join the discussion and contribute your perspective on what makes an effective delegate by visiting the ENS forum. — 05.24.24

Brian AI Updates

Brian AI has introduced ENS actions with a simple prompt on the Brian app. Users can now register, renew, check registration and renewal costs, check availability and expiration, and resolve ENS names to addresses and vice-versa, all in one place. This new feature streamlines ENS management, making it more accessible and efficient. To experience these updates, visit the Brian app. — 05.24.24

EVM Swiss Knife Tools

Apoorv.eth is developing, a comprehensive platform designed to centralize all essential EVM developer tools. The standout feature is its aggregate Explorer, which simplifies the process of reviewing ENS, addresses, or transactions by integrating all EVM dashboards and explorers into a single-click interface. For more details, users can explore examples such as vitalik.eth. Reach out to Apoorv.eth on Telegram at @apoorvlathey for direct inquiries. — 05.25.24

NicNames Updates

NicNames has announced that users can now manage records of their “.ETH” domains directly on, regardless of whether the domains were registered with them or imported. Additionally, anonymous registration of Web2 and Web3 domains is set to launch this week. For more details, visit — 05.27.24

Namespace Updates

Namespace has introduced the ENS Widget, allowing every ENS name owner to become a Web3 identity provider. Key features include the ability to sell or gift ENS subnames from your ENS names on your website and provide ENS second-level name registrations to visitors, helping them register ENS names. Setting it up takes less than five minutes and requires no technical skills. This widget makes it easy to monetize and manage ENS names directly from your site or blog. For details on how to use it, visit their documentation. Alternatively, watch thecap.eth present a demo via Loom — 05.27.24

ENS Community Spaces

GaryPalmerJr.eth has announced the “Daily ENS Community Spaces” calendar, which features daily chats about the ENS protocol, Web3, and culture. The calendar includes various community-led events such as the ENS Digits Podcast, The GM Show, ENS Radio, and more. These sessions provide a platform for discussions and engagement within the ENS community. For the full schedule and more details, check out the announcement. — 05.27.24

JSON-backed ENS Offchain CCIP-read Server

Raffy.eth has developed a JSON-backed ENS offchain CCIP-read server in approximately 10 lines of code. This server enables the resolution of ENS names to offchain data seamlessly. The setup includes importing necessary modules, reading JSON data, and serving it via a specified port. Users can run the server and query ENS data through a simple interface, facilitating efficient offchain lookups. For more details and the code, visit the GitHub repository. — 05.27.24

Jontes.eth has introduced, a self-hostable public good ENS Avatar resizing, optimizing, and caching service. This new service allows for deterministic avatar loading for all dApps, ensuring fast loading times. This development aims to enhance the user experience by providing efficient and reliable avatar management. For more details and to try it out, visit — 05.27.24

Community Discussion: Liquid Staking for $ENS

The ENS community is actively discussing the potential implementation of liquid staking for $ENS. This conversation explores how liquid staking could benefit the ENS ecosystem by enhancing token utility and providing staking rewards. Community members are encouraged to participate by sharing their insights and feedback on the proposed mechanisms and potential impacts. Join the discussion and contribute to shaping the future of $ENS staking by visiting the ENS forum. — 05.29.24

Bankless Thread on ENSv2

Bankless recently published a comprehensive thread on ENSv2, detailing ENS Labs’ latest development proposal to extend ENS to a Layer 2 network. This upgrade aims to reduce costs, enhance transaction speeds, and improve functionalities. The thread highlights how ENSv2 will increase accessibility and pave the way for new integrations through reduced gas fees. It also discusses the potential for each .eth name to have its own personal registry, allowing greater flexibility and control. For more details, read the full thread on X. — 05.30.24

Elbagococina.eth Provides Endowment Updates

Elbagococina.eth has provided an update on the ENS DAO endowment, which stood at $90M at the end of last month, with over $350K of DeFi returns in April. The endowment is currently allocated with 75.3% in ETH and the remainder in stablecoins, ensuring broad exposure to ETH’s upside while maintaining stability. The largest allocation is Compound v3, followed by Maker, Lido, Rocket Pool, and Aura. The treasury is deployed across 11 different pools to diversify its exposure. For more details, view the full thread on X. — 05.31.24

Community Meetup at ETH Belgrade

Namespace and Blockful hosted an ENS and Chainlink event during Belgrade Blockchain Week at ETH Belgrade. This event, supported by the ENS Ecosystem Working Group, featured engaging discussions around Names, Oracles, Drinks, and community interactions. The event saw high interest and was sold out, providing attendees with the opportunity to connect with ENS and Chainlink enthusiasts and learn about the latest developments. For more details about the event, visit the event page. — 06.02.24

Streamlining Governance with Intuitive Data Aggregation

Snowdot.eth is developing Dhive, a platform that simplifies governance by aggregating onchain and offchain data into a single, user-friendly application. It features engaging visualizations that make data analysis both simple and enjoyable. Dhive stands out with its chain-agnostic profiles, integrating ENS, and includes a decentralized custom notification system to keep users informed. For direct inquiries, users can join the community on Discord at this link. — 06.03.24

📍 Working Group Bulletin

Term 5 Lead Working Group Stewards + Secretary Appointment


The responsibilities of the Lead Stewards & Secretary are set out in Rule 9.8 and Rule 9.9 of the Working Group Rules.

ENS DAO Working Group Schedule (2024):

Working Group






1pm UTC


Google Meet



4pm UTC


Google Meet


Public Goods

5pm UTC


Google Meet

The Meta-Governance Working Group provides governance oversight and support for working group operations through DAO tooling and governance initiatives.

Meeting Minutes:

Meeting Info:

Term 5 Meta-Governance Stewards:

May 2024 Financial Report

The May 2024 financial report for ENS presents a positive financial outlook.

Financial Overview:

  • Revenue > Cash Burn by 2x, Runway: 190 months

  • Revenue $2.5M, vs. $2.7M last month

  • Cash Inflow: $1.2m

  • Normalized Cash Burn: $0.8M, Reserves: $144M (ETH: $130M, USDC: $14M)

  • Total Endowment: $98.2M, P&L: $13.1M (ETH mark-to-market)

Review the full report prepared by @Steakhouse here. — 06.02.24

Governland Mobile App

Andrey from the Goverland App has introduced a new tool designed to streamline DAO participation by bringing the entire ecosystem to mobile devices. Goverland allows users to discover, follow, and influence DAOs, improving communication between DAOs and voters. It integrates with Snapshot and is similar to Boardroom but mobile-friendly. The app is compatible with iOS and Mac (M1 chip) and features ENS names in profiles. Users are encouraged to try it out and provide feedback on Telegram @scherbovich. For more information, visit Goverland.

Meta-Governance Open Discussion

During last week’s Meta-Governance Working Group call, several key topics were discussed, including the current low risk of attacking the DAO due to the increased price of ENS. Tools for connecting to voting were highlighted, with suggestions to enhance participation through staking initiatives. Discussions included incentivizing voter participation, research on effective delegation, and the potential development of a liquid staking model for ENS tokens. For detailed insights, explore the Governance Risk dashboard by avsa.eth and join the ongoing discussions on the ENS forum.

The Ecosystem Working Group strengthens the ENS Protocol by facilitating developer relations, identifying and funding high-potential projects that enhance ENS, and bolstering support for ENS-aligned initiatives overall.

Meeting Minutes:

Meeting Info:

Term 5 Ecosystem Stewards:

ENSV2 Q&A with Nick.eth

The ENS ecosystem held a Q&A with Nick.eth, creator and lead developer of the ENS Protocol regarding the forthcoming ENSv2 upgrade. Here’s a breakdown of the key points raised:

  • ENSv2 will be a complete redesign of ENS, taking into account everything learned from the past seven years.

  • The ENS root registry will remain on Ethereum L1 for maximum security and censorship resistance.

  • Offchain names will continue to function normally after the migration.

  • The new system will allow for permissionless upgrades to the resolution process, as well as the ownership model.

  • Domain names will be hosted on an L2, but resolution will still be on L1 for maximum security.

  • Nick.eth is most excited about the opportunity to write entirely new Solidity code for ENSV2.

  • If you are interested in learning more about the ENSV2 update, you can read the full discussion on the ENS DAO Governance Forum.

Project Presentations

ENS Guilds by Standard Crypto

Gavi Galloway from Standard Crypto presented ENS Guilds, a project aimed at enabling communities to govern the creation and use of sub-names off a parent ENS name. The design goals include a shared, modular system of smart contracts, pluggable authentication and fee policies, extensibility, and onchain/offchain resolution support. Use cases involve automatic wildcard resolution for ERC721 projects, allowlist-gated subname minting, and NFT-gated subname minting. For more details, view the presentation and check out their GitHub: ENS-Guilds.

New Internet CV by Prutopia

Luciano Padovani from Prutopia introduced the new internet CV, offering portability and veracity using a single profile connected to ENS. Prutopia consolidates work history and reputation, providing platform reviews, P2P validations, and company validation in one onchain profile. This protocol ensures trust and transparency, validating professional relationships to enhance credibility. Contracts and API v1 have been completed. For more details, connect with Prutopia on LinkedIn, YouTube, and X.

Service Provider Updates continues to improve the accessibility of decentralized websites by providing all the necessary tools to interact with content built on ENS. Their newly launched website,, offers an enhanced user experience, complemented by updated documentation on What is ENS?, helping users understand the fundamentals of Ethereum Name Service. Additionally, the team has collaborated closely with the IPFS team to enhance performance tuning, resulting in noticeable improvements in website performance.

Resolver Works

Resolver Works made advancements starting with the launch of at the beginning of the year. They have upgraded their EVM gateway, now featuring trust-minimized capabilities. The code for this gateway is open-source and accessible on their GitHub repository. Additionally, they have shared a forum post discussing user experience challenges due to the delay in state changes on L1, seeking feedback on the EVM Gateway & User Experience. In response to inquiries about the future direction of, they aim to make the service more accessible to non-technical users, acknowledging that the average user prefers immediate visibility of changes in their wallet, which might necessitate some trust-minimized compromises to better serve user needs.

The Public Goods Working Group supports the greater Ethereum ecosystem by identfying and funding open-source development.

Meeting Minutes:

Meeting Info:

Term 5 Public Goods Stewards:

Pairwise Presentation

Pairwise, a Giveth Grant recipient, presented its platform aimed at simplifying grant proposal curation. It tackles the issue of information overload by enabling users to create and share curated project lists. These lists can be seamlessly imported into voting platforms like Agora and West, while offering features like filtering by expertise, category comparisons, and mobile app creation with pseudo-anonymous voting and feedback capabilities. For more information, you can find the slides here.

Andino Megacamp Presentation

Eduardo Arhuata of Andino presented about a Megacamp designed to cultivate Web3 developers in Peru. The program will equip participants with the skills to build dApps and contribute to the growth of the Web3 industry. The bootcamp runs from June 8th to July 6th, concluding with a Demo Day. For further details, review their slide and connect with their team on X.

ETHGlobal Presentation

In an update to the ENS DAO community, ETHGlobal partnered with the Public Goods Working Group to streamline the registration process for ENS names for hackers participating in their events. They created “Hacker Packs” specific to different cities, all onchain, and integrated ENS into the packs for redemption. This allows hackers to register or renew an ENS domain directly within the Hacker Pack user interface. More information on the launch date will be available on the ETHGlobal website next week.

Perpetual Public Goods Bounty Update

The first winners of the Perpetual Public Goods Bounty, HiWomenBiz shared results of their hackathon with 299 registrations from 13 countries, and 10 out of 21 submissions using ENS. The top three projects integrated ENS, showcasing innovative solutions like secure digital identities, decentralized domain management, and access to DeFi. For more details on the winners and their projects, visit the ENS forum. — 05.27.24

Public Goods Highlights: Meta Gov Project

The Public Goods Working Group awarded the Metagov Project $40k USDC for their ongoing research into cross-chain governance challenges and potential solutions. Their efforts include developing a common API for DAOs, enhancing onchain information availability, and facilitating seamless interactions with governance tools. This grant is part of a series highlighting contributions to the Ethereum or Web3 ecosystem. For a detailed exploration of their research, read the full article here. — 05.28.24

ENS DAO offers several resources for understanding and participating in its ecosystem.

  • ENS DAO Basics: Details the ENS DAO, including voting and governance.

  • Support Docs: Provides guidance on registration, renewals, and development aspects.

  • Governance Docs: Offers additional insights into governance structure.

  • ENS Agora: Governance hub for proposal review and voting.

  • Give Feedback: Feedback platform where users share input to improve ENS.

  • ENS Repository: The ENS Protocol’s main Github Repository.

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