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ENS DAO Newsletter #63


Newsletter Roundup (tl;dr):

  • ENS Labs Update: ETHcc, Integrations, Marketing Campaigns

  • Community Updates: Superchain Identity, Adidas sets its records, VSS

  • Meta-Governance: Agora updates, Bylaws updates, presentations

  • Ecosystem: ENS Identity Round Conclusion, OSS grants via Drips

  • Public Goods: Small Grants, Large Grants, ETH Mexico


Welcome to the ENS DAO Newsletter:

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Refer to the ENS DAO Calendar for ENS DAO working group calls and other events.

The Term 5 Dashboard, managed by the Meta-Governance Working Group, provides updates and summaries of DAO governance and initiatives. Regularly check it for the latest developments.





Upgrade DNSSEC support




Commence Streams for Service Providers




Determine ENS Labs’ next steps in litigation




Funding Request: Meta-Governance Working Group (1H)




Funding Request: Public Goods Working Group (1H)




Funding Transfer: Public Goods Working Group (1H)




Enable Self-Funding for the Endowment




Security Council


Open 1


ENS Steward Vesting Proposal




Funding Request: Meta-Governance Working Group (1H)




Confirming the ENS DAO Security Council




Roles Modifier V2 Migration




Note: A minimum of 100 $ENS is required to submit executable proposals. Once a proposal gains momentum, the stewards will prioritize it for a vote during the designated voting window. See our Governance Docs for more information. To view the real-time distribution of voting power among delegates, visit

Proposals in Queue:

1. [Executable] Roles Modifier V2 Migration and Updates to Endowment Permissions

Karpatkey’s upcoming proposal introduces the activation of Roles Modifier v2, enhancing treasury management operations with features like allowances and improved visualization. The revised permissions policy enables swapping actions on CoW Swap while removing obsolete actions and protocols, ensuring robustness and security within the DAO ecosystem. Read the proposal in full here.

After the approval to reimburse ENS Labs for the legal fees incurred in protecting possession of, this executable proposal seeks to reimburse ENS Labs and fund the settlement amount of 300k.

3. [Executable] Meta-Governance Funding Request

Following the approval of EP 5.9.1, the Meta-Governance Working Group is requesting specified funds to be transferred to its multisig in order to continue to fund DAO-wide initiatives inclusive of governance, operations, and treasury management.

4. [Social] Confirming the ENS DAO Security Council

Ahead of the vote to deploy the veto contract giving Canceller role to a multisig controlled by the security council, a social proposal will list and confirm these members for DAO approval. Ensuring availability and secure practices of signers is critical. A balanced 4/8 multisig threshold is recommended.

ENS Labs Updates

 ENS Stats: May 2024

In May 2024, the ENS Protocol registered 29k new .eth domains, bringing the total to 2.1 million. The protocol generated revenue of $1.2 million during this period, all of which were allocated to the ENS DAO. The number of Ethereum account holders with at least one ENS name increased by 25.4k, totaling 886k. There were 23.5k primary ENS names set, making the overall count 851k. Additionally, 7.5k new avatar records were created, reaching a cumulative total of 174k. — 1

ENS Labs Announces ENSV2

ENS Labs has announced plans for the ENSV2 upgrade, aiming to enhance decentralization, reduce gas costs, and improve multi-chain interoperability. The new hierarchical registry system will offer better control and customization for users. ENS encourages community feedback to shape this next generation of their service. You can view the full proposal here and leave technical feedback here. For more details, visit the ENS Blog. — 05.28.24 

‘Decentralized Web’ Documentation Now Live

Luc.eth has announced the launch of a new “Decentralized Web” documentation page, which is the beginning of the dWeb section on the ENS Docs site. This draft document provides an introduction to hosting a decentralized website using ENS. Luc.eth is seeking feedback and suggestions from the community to improve the content. To view the draft and provide your input, visit the Decentralized Web documentation. — 05.28.24 

ENS Subgraph Migration

The ENS subgraph has successfully migrated to The Graph Network, enabling ENS to seamlessly pull and display onchain data on in a decentralized manner. The ENS subgraph organizes data, including directories of ENS domains, ownership records, resolver addresses, and more. This integration enhances data accessibility and efficiency for ENS users. For more details and to explore the subgraph, visit The Graph Explorer. — 05.31.24 

ENS Labs at ETHGlobal Brussels

ENS will be present during ETHGlobal in Brussels! Builders are encouraged to utilize the ENS Protocol as part of their developer stack at the Hackathon, held from July 12 to 14. ENS will offer $10k in prize money. Details will be available soon on the ETHGlobal Brussels site. — 06.04.24 

ENS and Gnosis Pay Team Up for Customized Payment Cards

ENS teamed up with Gnosis Pay to offer cards with ENS names, free for a limited time. Gnosis Pay cards enable self-custodial crypto spending without conversion fees. The first 300 users received free cards using code ENSXPAY; subsequent users get a 50% discount until June 30, 2024. EEA residents can sign up with an EVM-compatible wallet. Sign up now. — 06.05.24 

Domico.eth Seeks Community Feedback for ENS Manager App

Domico.eth reminded the community to share ideas for the ENS manager app by submitting feature requests. The community is the best source of inspiration for improvements and new features. Submit your feature request. — 06.05.24 

ENS Subgraph Update

Developers using the ENS subgraph were informed about a rate limit addition on June 12 due to The Graph Protocol’s hosted service sunsetting. No breaking changes occurred. Creating an account provided 100k free requests per month. For a detailed migration walkthrough, visit GregSkril’s walkthrough. — 06.10.24 

Domico.eth to Speak at Ethereum Community Conference

Domico.eth from ENS will be speaking at EthCC in Brussels. He will be presenting on the Culture & NFTs track. Join the event from July 8-11, 2024, to catch his insights and discussions. See you in Brussels! — 06.12.24 

Integration: WalletConnect

WalletConnect released AppKit/WalletKit, offering seamless onboarding and unified digital identity. This update integrated smart accounts powered by Safe and unique web3 usernames powered by ENS, ensuring a smooth and secure user experience. The toolkits were designed for ownership and easy integration. — 06.12.24 

WalletConnect Launches ENS Namespace for Usernames

WalletConnect has rolled out their ENS namespace, providing users with the ability to have usernames. This integration offers seamless onboarding and a unified digital identity, powered by Safe and ENS. — 06.12.24 

ENS Supports New CAIP275 - Domain Wallets Standard

ENS Labs expressed their excitement about the new CAIP275 - Domain Wallets standard, allowing users to easily log in with their ENS names. This open standard simplifies and unifies web3 identity. Learn more. — 06.13.24 

ENS Labs’ General Counsel Engages at NamesCon

ENS Labs’ General Counsel, Alexander Urbelis, attended NamesCon to meet with the DNS community and promote ENS. He had productive meetings highlighting ENS’s contributions to the domain industry. Urbelis actively represented ENS throughout the event. — 06.14.24 

ENS Launches Billboards to Promote Web3 Usernames

Sadaf.eth, Director of Marketing at ENS, announced the launch of ENS billboardspromoting Web3 usernames. The campaign has started in Center City, Philadelphia, with more cities to follow. Keep an eye out for an ENS billboard near you! — 06.14.24 

ENS Media Alerts

Community Updates

Call for Community Feedback

Participate in improving the ENS Ecosystem! Provide feedback on Canny, where members of ENS Labs and Working Group stewards will work to address your submissions. The ENS community can submit feedback in three main categories: Feature Requests, Integrations, and Bug Reports. You can also participate by upvoting or commenting on existing submissions. We’re listening to the community, send your feedback on Canny now.

Request for Builders

Share updates on projects developing ENS for consideration for inclusion in the newsletter. Submit contributions and describe at least one nifty feature about your project for potential inclusion in the newsletter. Send your contributions here.

NameStone Highlights Unique Uses of ENS by Protocols

NameStone, an ENS service provider and subname provider, published a blog post detailing nine unique ways protocols utilize ENS domains beyond naming personal wallets. Examples include social media handles by Farcaster, POS transactions by Gnosis Pay, and tokenized DNS by .box. These uses demonstrate the versatility of ENS in enhancing user experience and decentralized web integration. Learn more. — 06.04.24 

Uniswap Hits New Milestone with ‘uni.eth’ Subnames**

Uniswap’s uni.eth usernames have reached a significant milestone with over 600,000 usernames claimed. This achievement underscores the growing adoption and popularity of ENS subnames within the Uniswap community. With many usernames still available, users can continue to claim their unique uni.eth identities. — 06.07.24 

ENS Community Brainstorms Use for Bitwise.eth Domain

ENS community members joined a brainstorming session with Hong Kim, CTO of Bitwise, to discuss potential uses for the ENS domain “bitwise.eth.” Khori.eth suggested assigning ENS subnames to Bitwise ETF holders to enhance onchain engagement. However, Hong Kim highlighted the challenge due to the lack of shareholder records and suggested the need for brokerage attestation of ETH addresses owned by BITB holders. Read more here. — 06.11.24 

Rotki App Integrates ENS Name Expiration Notifications

Lefteris.eth announced a new feature in the Rotki app: a calendar that processes historical events and includes ENS name expiration notifications out of the box. Users can create their own events and reminders while using Rotki to stay on top of important dates and manage their digital assets effectively. Learn more. — 06.11.24 

3DNS: Superchain Identity

3DNS has introduced Superchain Identity, which integrates with both Web2 and Web3 infrastructures. These identities, such as and, comply with ICANN standards and are built on @ensdomains. They offer features like hosting websites, setting up email, and receiving crypto payments. This extension to the Layer 2 ecosystem with Optimism reduces management costs and enhances the versatility of DNS domains in the digital space. — 06.12.24 

ENS Vision Launches Vision Subname Service (VSS)

ENS Vision has introduced the Vision Subname Service (VSS), a new platform for launching ENS namespaces. VSS, the powerhouse behind degen.eth subdomains, is built exclusively by Vision on top of ENS, providing users with enhanced functionality and seamless integration for managing subnames. This service aims to expand the use and flexibility of ENS across various applications. — 06.13.24 

Namespace Announces Partnership with WebHash

Namespace announced a new partnership with WebHash to streamline the minting of ENS names and subnames. This collaboration allows users to become ENS Registration Service Providers and mint ENS names directly from their websites created in WebHash. Web3 thrives on open-source work and meaningful collaborations, making this partnership a significant step forward. — 06.14.24 

Web3 and Data Ownership: An Op-Ed by Khori.eth

In his op-ed, Khori.eth discusses the potential for Web3 to enable users to own their online data, contrasting it with Web2’s data exploitation by Big Tech. He highlights the importance of simplifying onboarding to encourage Web3 adoption and the need to communicate the tangible benefits of data ownership. Using examples like Worldcoin, Khori.eth emphasizes the value of making Web3 interactions intuitive and valuable for users. Read more about his insights here. — 06.14.24 

Adidas Updates ENS Records for Onchain Summer

Adidas has updated their ENS records, adding an avatar and setting adidas.eth as their primary name. These updates are in preparation for ‘onchain summer,’ reflecting their commitment to enhancing their Web3 presence. The updated records include a snapshot, an avatar link, and primary name settings. Check it out on the ENS manager app. — 06.14.24 

Checkpoint Labs Acquires New .box Domain

Checkpoint Labs announced their new domain:, powered by Boxdomains and enabled via ENS. Checkpoint provides a comprehensive event monitoring platform, offering real-time insights and analytics for blockchain events. They focus on delivering accurate and actionable data, aiding developers and projects in maintaining security and performance. H/t to 3DNS for the support. Learn more at — 06.15.24 

BrianKnowsAI Integrates ENS for Easy Domain Management

Frankc.eth announced the integration of @ensdomains with BrianKnowsAI. Users can register, renew, and check ENS domains using prompts like “register vitaliik.eth for 1 year.” The Brian API/transaction endpoint is easy to integrate into any app. This feature is now live on Brian API. Learn more. — 06.15.24 

Músicaw3 Community Offers Free Subnames to its Emerging Onchain Music Community

Meta-Governance steward estmcmxci.eth partnered with the Músicaw3 community to offer free subnames musicaw3.eth on Base via the Namespace platform. They hosted an event in Buenos Aires on June 15 to present this feature and educate the community about blockchain technology, specifically ENS and Base. The event was sponsored by Base. For more details, visit the event page here. — 06.15.24 Announces New #DEGEN Tutorial has announced exciting #DEGEN news, sharing a tutorial on setting up the degen.eth subdomain avatar. The tutorial guides users to personalize their degen name with ease. Emphasizing community engagement, the post highlights, “We’re getting more degen every day!” For more details, watch the tutorial now: Watch now. — 06.17.24 

Jefflau.eth’s First Blockchain Podcast Interview

Jefflau.eth recently gave his first blockchain podcast interview, conducted in Mandarin. During the interview, he discussed the beginnings of ENS, introduced various use cases, and shared updates on ENSv2. Despite his initial concerns about speaking in Mandarin, Jefflau.eth felt the interview went well.

For more insights, watch the full interview here: Watch now. — 06.17.24 

Working Group Bulletin

Term 5 Lead Working Group Stewards + Secretary Appointment


The responsibilities of the Lead Stewards & Secretary are set out in Rule 9.8 and Rule 9.9 of the Working Group Rules.

ENS DAO Working Group Schedule (2024):

Working Group






1pm UTC


Google Meet



4pm UTC


Google Meet


 Public Goods

5pm UTC


Google Meet

The Meta-Governance Working Group provides governance oversight and support for working group operations through DAO tooling and governance initiatives.

Meeting Minutes:

Meeting Info:

Term 5 Meta-Governance Stewards:

May 2024 Financial Report

The May 2024 financial report for ENS presents a positive financial outlook.

Financial Overview:

  • Revenue > Cash Burn by 2x, Runway: 190 months

  • Revenue $2.5M, vs. $2.7M last month

  • Cash Inflow: $1.2m

  • Normalized Cash Burn: $0.8M, Reserves: $144M (ETH: $130M, USDC: $14M)

  • Total Endowment: $98.2M, P&L: $13.1M (ETH mark-to-market)

Review the full report prepared by @Steakhouse here. — 06.02.24 

May 2024 Endowment Report

The May Endowment report is now available on Karpatkey’s Website. This report provides a detailed overview of the endowment’s finances and allocations. A high-level overview is made available below for reader’s convenience:

Balance Overview:

  • Total funds in the endowment: $107,334,416

  • Capital utilization: 100%

  • Monthly DeFi results: $371,685

Review the full report prepared by @Karpatkey here.

Meta-Governance Project Presentations

Davey Truong from x23ai

Davey Truong presented x23ai, indexing DAO data using LLMs, and visualizing Snapshot data. The app recommends content, indexes PRs, ranks communities, and plans future user insights. Feedback is requested. x23ai Telegram: @daveytea

Zeugh from Blockful

Zeugh from Blockful explored AI in DAO governance, focusing on human-AI coexistence and transparent environments. The current app allows users to delegate votes to “Biased AI,” which votes accordingly. dApp link Telegram: @zeugh

Agora Updates

Kent Fenwick presented two proposals for feedback before a temp check. The first aimed to simplify proposal sponsorship (Watch video and test). The second proposed lower thresholds for proposal creation via bonds (Read more). Efforts with Coinbase to free up hardware-stored ENS for voting continue.

DAO Bylaws Process Update

The Meta-Governance Working Group decided to adjourn the Bylaws process and reorient its approach. Alex Urbelis, ENS Labs’ general counsel, will help create a cohesive framework focusing on defined aspects of DAO governance. This initial framework will serve as the first iteration of the DAO Bylaws and will be subject to a social vote (Read more). Questions? Contact via Telegram: @estmcmxci.

The Ecosystem Working Group strengthens the ENS Protocol by facilitating developer relations, identifying and funding high-potential projects that enhance ENS, and bolstering support for ENS-aligned initiatives overall.

Meeting Minutes:

Meeting Info:

Term 5 Ecosystem Stewards:

ENS Labs Updates

Blog Updates

ENS Labs has published a new post on supporting critical software dependencies with Drips. You can read more about it here.

OP Mainnet

The implementation of fault proofs on OP Mainnet requires changes to the EVM gateway. For more details, check out the pull request.

ENS v2

Next week, ENS Labs will publish steps on how to implement ENS v2.

ETH Global SH Hackathon

The ETH Global SH Hackathon is wrapping up, with winners expected to present on future calls.


ENS Labs is sponsoring hackathons at Eth Rome and EthGlobal Brussels. Applications are open for both events. Eth Rome EthGlobal Brussels.


The Coinbase Smart Wallet has been added to the ENS manager app. WalletConnect’s AppKit/WalletKit is now live, and they are giving out subdomains. Bitwise is exploring use cases for bitwise.eth.

Tech Updates

OP Mainnet now has fault proofs, which caused a breaking change to the EVM gateway. The graph migration has been completed smoothly. Learn more.

Service Provider Updates

EFP (Ethereum Follow Protocol)

EFP, presented by Brantly Millegan, hired a new developer and designer. The project is testnet ready with smart contracts on OP Sepolia. A demoed UI shows user following capabilities and tag additions. EFP is building a social graph with 50 launch partners, all on-chain. They aim to launch in production by the end of the month and add new features.


Griff presented Unicorn’s update on going mobile-only with a new landing page. Their mission is to simplify the launch of branded Web3 wallets, providing safe and valuable wallets to communities. They aim to abstract network complexities and integrate .com domains through GoDaddy. They are working with two first clients, Giveth and EthDenver.


Blockful, presented by Alextnetto.eth, is improving ENS offchain features, focusing on database offchain resolvers. They are enhancing offchain resolvers on Layer 2 by optimizing write operations and have demonstrated updating resolvers on Sepolia. Next steps include showing ownership of subdomains, enabling subdomain transfers, and improving user experience with a standard interface. Updates will be published on the forum for feedback.

Raffy.eth Proposal

Raffy led a technical discussion on expanding the scope of content hashes and adding two new codec options. This discussion aimed at enhancing the DataURI format in content hashes. More details can be found in the draft proposal. More info here.

ENS Indexer Proposal

The ENS Indexer proposal involves funding and integrating an indexer for the ENS registry to enhance search experience. The integration includes an open, public API for custom data requests and applications on a high-performance database. They request $50,000/month on a cancellable streaming basis by the DAO. Bandit highlighted a custom natural language model for recommending ENS domains, available for testing here. The code will be open-sourced.

ENS Identity Round on Gitcoin

The GG20 ENS Identity Round concluded with $125k USDC distributed via Gitcoin’s COCM. The top five projects receiving funds were OnThis, FluidKey,, Brianknowsai, and Webhash. Over 9,652 contributions were made by 7,576 unique contributors, with a total of $15,680 crowdfunded. This initiative marked ENS’s largest matching amount to date, supported by Gitcoin, ThankARB, and SpruceID.

For more details, visit the ENS Identity Round Conclusion.

ENS Ecosystem Provides Grants to OSS via Drips

The ENS Ecosystem Working Group announced support of $50,000 USDC for critical open-source software dependencies through Drips. Over the next six months, this funding will be streamed to seven essential projects, including Wagmi, ethers.js, graphql-request, openzeppelin-contracts, noble-hashes, scure-base, and dns-packet. This initiative aims to reward and sustain the open-source projects crucial to ENS infrastructure, highlighting a new norm in continuous, transparent funding for public goods. Read more on the ENS Blog.

The Public Goods Working Group supports the greater Ethereum ecosystem by identfying and funding open-source development.

Meeting Minutes:

Meeting Info:

Term 5 Public Goods Stewards:

ENS Small Grants Voting Period

The ENS Small Grants voting period commenced, inviting community members to submit proposals for funding. The top-voted projects will share a pool of 7.5 ETH. Voting is set to conclude on June 20.

ETHMexico Presentation

Carlos Gonzalez presented plans for ETHMexico 2024, focusing on developers and students. The event will feature two days of workshops, talks, and networking, with 600-800 attendees and over 1000 applications. It will take place on September 13-14 in Merida, Yucatan, with 3k people streaming online. The team plans to host meetups across Mexico before the event. Stewards had mentioned that they need to understand the impact and results of sponsorship before considering it.

ETHGlobal Partnership Updates

Kartik Talwar from EthGlobal announced the final steps before launching a new partnership with the Public Goods Working Group. This collaboration enables hackers to register ENS names seamlessly. They developed “Hacker Packs” for various cities, which are minted only if the code written at ETHGlobal is successful. These packs integrate ENS registration, allowing hackers to redeem 1 ENS per year directly within the pack’s UI. This initiative aims to simplify the registration process and enhance the hacker experience at ETHGlobal events. Learn more here.

ENS DAO Q3 2024 Large Grants Launch

The ENS DAO Public Goods Working Group has launched the Q3 2024 Large Grants, offering up to 300k USDC for Ethereum and Web3 public goods projects. Awards range from 12k to 50k USDC. Former large grant recipients who met their milestones are eligible to apply for another grant. Applications are open until July 18th on Questbook. For more details, visit the discussion post.

— 06.17.24

ENS DAO offers several resources for understanding and participating in its ecosystem.

  • ENS DAO Basics: Details the ENS DAO, including voting and governance.

  • Support Docs: Provides guidance on registration, renewals, and development aspects.

  • Governance Docs: Offers additional insights into governance structure.

  • ENS Agora: Governance hub for proposal review and voting.

  • Give Feedback: Feedback platform where users share input to improve ENS.

  • ENS Repository: The ENS Protocol’s main Github Repository.

Thank you very much for reading! Goodbye. 

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