What Brought me On Chain?

My reflections on what we need to get people to Decentralized World

As we kick off the OnChain Summer, I've been reflecting on my own journey into the world of web3 and what I believe will be the key to getting more people onchain. ğŸŒž

I've been orbiting the web3 space for a while, watching people build incredible things and understanding the core proposition of permissionless data. However, with the narrative around web3 being so heavily skewed towards trading, I never really got my hands dirty. 🙌

But then I discovered Farcaster, a decentralized social protocol. In a world where our lives are governed by attention-hungry, data-devouring social media apps, a decentralized protocol like Farcaster offers our generation a chance to take back control. 🔒

This idea alone was enough to inspire me to dive headfirst into the onchain world and start building. And let me tell you, as a builder in the social space, nothing could give you more freedom than working with a decentralized protocol. ğŸŽ‰

So, what do I think we need to get more people onchain? Here are a few key points:

1. A marketing movement that focuses on the plain USP of open data, rather than getting bogged down in the technicalities of web3. We need to communicate the benefits in a way that resonates with the average person. 📣

2. More user-friendly onboarding processes and intuitive interfaces that make it easy for people to get started with web3 without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated. Supercast is a great example of this, as they enable people to log in via email, making it simple and accessible for anyone to join the decentralized social conversation. 🤝

3. We need to recognize that one of the main reasons people join any social app is because their extended network is there. While we have a fantastic community passionate about building onchain, we need to diversify the content to attract a wider audience. One idea I've been toying with is curated feeds that you can share on other apps and with people to intrigue them and get them on Farcaster. Imagine being able to share a feed tailored to your football-crazy friend's interests, showcasing that side of Farcaster and enticing them to join. 🏈

4. Compelling use cases and applications that demonstrate the real-world value of being onchain, beyond just trading and speculation. We need to show how web3 can improve people's lives in tangible ways, such as giving users control over their data, fostering genuine connections, and rewarding quality content creation. 💡

As we move forward into the OnChain Summer, I'm excited to see more builders, creators, and innovators embrace the power of decentralized protocols like Farcaster. By focusing on the core benefits of open data, creating user-friendly experiences, and leveraging the power of our extended networks, we can bring more people onchain and unlock a new era of digital empowerment. 🔑

Let's make this summer one to remember! ğŸ˜Ž

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