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7 reasons why I'm obsessed with Farcaster

I'm obsessed with Farcaster, here are 7 reasons why:

  • I feel like I'm escaping to a place unknown, but that feels so familiar.

  • It sparked a light in me, one that makes me curious, and being curious is something that I was always told not to be, yet always was.

  • It is, in my opinion, one of the purest forms of why Ethereum was founded. I am not a crypto OG, would never claim that title, but I think that in my 3+ years spent here full time (24/7 really), I have a understanding of it.

  • Doubling down on the previous point, Vitalik and his chad colleagues gifted us Ethereum, but it is with a collective effort that the network grew, and became what it is today. Similarly, the amount of people looking to add value and build on Farcaster is enough to make me want to do so as well.

  • I am obsessed because others are also just as obsessed as I am, and everybody I speak to becomes obsessed. Yeah, I said obsessed a lot, so what!

  • Frames... I think Frames or what can come out of their creation, can change the e-commerce landscape forever. I am new here, so still learning, but from my basic understanding of Frames, they are more powerful than anyone imagine.

  • You. Yes, you are still reading this, therefore you are one of the reasons why I am obsessed. Thank you for reading, feel free subscribe as I will do my best to see what we can build with Rug Radio and Decrypt as well as my personal brand and our network of creators on here!

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