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Some thoughts on Farcaster...

I've only actively been here for a week, but here is how I am approaching it.

I've been obsessed with Social Media since the day I made my first Facebook account in 2006.

Dabbled on Twitter early, went on to build one of the largest luxury blogs on Tumblr, then massive follower network on Instagram, which all lead me to Clubhouse at the end of 2020...

and back on Twitter, now X, where we built a large news organization and network of Creators focused on Crypto/Web3/Emerging tech.

I've tried more than a dozen platforms in the meantime, some worked, some didn't work. We yet have to find the crypto killer app, but I think that every time one of them garners a lot of attention, we get one step closer.

The reason I am so attracted to Farcaster is that real networks are built organically, without a carrot being dangled in front of its users, or promises that cannot be kept.

A few things that excite me about what is being done here:

- Network effect: from what I have read, Farcaster has grown solely based on the fact that its participants added value by building products and services on top of the protocol (Warpcast, Frames, etc.).

- Genuine interaction: people are not on here to farm a token or points, they are here to connect with people who share a common interest, hence the heavy use of channels.

- Built on Ethereum: at the end of the day, Ethereum is one of the most robust and decentralized networks ever built, and for Social Media and its users to be truly free, we need to own the narrative, and we need to the network.

Just some thoughts in between a day full of work, will share more as we go!

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