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Introducing Farther ✨

Farther is for Farcaster

Today marks the launch of Farther. The mission of Farther is grow Farcaster, reward its power users, and help define its culture.


Farther was created by me, GIGAMΞSH. I'm a creative technologist who worked as a full time musician for about a decade, followed by the past 6 years in crypto (ex: Optimism, cofounding Sound). When I went down the crytpo rabbit hole in 2017, social media was one of the areas I was hopeful it could positively transform. The past year has convinced me Farcaster has the greatest potential to do so.


Farther can be thought of as an incentive design canvas for all creative efforts in music, art, and tech that can boost Farcaster in the attention economy. Another way of framing it is a tokenized guerilla marketing community of Farcaster evangelists.


I've gravitated to Farcaster because I believe the following:

  1. Online social relationships should be as unmediated as IRL.

  2. Cultural norms should be as localizable and enforceable online as they are offline.

  3. Our attention should not be a product sold to advertisers without our awareness or consent.

Centralized social networks aren't capable of fulfilling those requirements. Farcaster stands out as having the greatest potential to do so in a way that is both credibly neutral and scalable.


Farther aims to fund any creative media and tools devoted to growing Farcaster. Several ideas are being explored, all of which will involve the FARTHER token, deployed on Base. To bootstrap these efforts, the following token distribution is planned:

  • At 12am, May 1 GMT 2024, all Farcaster users with a Warpcast Power Badge will receive an airdrop. Following this, users who subsequently earn a power badge will receive a reward during the month they earned it. This is planned to continue for the next three years (details here).

  • Starting today, Farcaster power user can earn FARTHER by posting about Farcaster on Twitter. More apps will follow (details here).

  • Concurrently, an onchain liquidity rewards program will run for the next six months, with more to follow (details here)

  • There is also an ecosystem fund for partnerships, grants, educational resources. Any creative contributions that improves Farcaster's brand and reach could be a candidate for funding.

  • Finally, a tipping allocation system is on the way.

Learn more about the tokenomics here.


With enough determination, Farcaster could become a new pillar of the internet. The goal of Farther is to become a community of its most passionate early users, helping newcomers understand the value of this innovative and exciting social network.

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