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February 9th

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BASE is running the show! — Farcaster is growing fast – really fast, and Base is becoming the go-to chain for all of its consumer crypto experiments. If the data wasn't clear enough, Base’s narrative as the dominant consumer chain is quickly taking shape: 

  • Essay: Base is Eating Everything by musicben

  • Data: Where are Farcasters transacting? 79% on base chain, 8% on Zora, and 6% on Ethereum mainnet.

  • Cooper: "@base is going to be the hallmark chain for consumer crypto."

  • Nick: "No chain has had scalability, a critical mass of quality developers & users & sufficient momentum. @base now has all four."

  • Plus… Own the Doge airdrop is happening on Base!

Dune analytics

ERC404: Scale and Safety — The latest innovation in NFTs (ERC-404), reminiscent of Unisocks, is taking Ethereum by storm. Millions are being printed, but is it safe? X user “0xquit” points out a potential vulnerability… The future of this experimental standard remains uncertain, highlighting the risky edge of crypto innovation.

Mint with Warps — Frames now support in-frame mints with Warps. Paired with Zora’s new Boost (creator can pay for gas on behalf of collectors), Farcaster is an absolute game changer for onchain media.

Crypto The Game Finale — 21 players have officially secured a spot in tomorrow's finale for a chance at the 41Ξ ($100k) pot. Reminder: If you're one of the 389 players who have been eliminated, you will be able to cast your vote for the winner tomorrow starting at 12p ET.

Today’s Frame — Zappy Onchain Notification by Zapper Team

Channel of the Day: /someone-build hosted by Light.eth

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