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February 13th

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Love on Leverage S2E1: –Recap — Cooper was the night’s bachelor. 6 women competed for his heart, 4 were voted off through $VIBES dumping. 1 won an IRL date with Cooper. $80k in transaction volume in just the first episode, 4x the total volume from all 10 episodes from Season 1. The Love is certainly Leveraged… we’re excited for night two.

Farcon 2024 Updates — Due to unprecedented demand, Farcon now includes a $100 Community Pass that gets you access to all side events!

Dissecting the Points Meta: Best Practices for User Loyalty — From Li Jin: “Recently, we hosted a fascinating discussion about loyalty and points programs at the Variant office. The conversation covered best practices from the web2 loyalty space and how they could be cross-pollinated to crypto; the distinction between points and tokens; what kind of rewards and redemption experiences users care about; and whether to put points onchain.”

Breaking Down Walled Gardens: Farcaster and Decentralized Social Media — Lemniscap released this in-depth breakdown of Farcaster and decentralized social media more broadly. It’s very long, but very worth the read for folks looking for a comprehensive understanding of the industry and its future.

New Divisible NFT" standard (DN404) — Remember ERC-404? There is a new "standard" now (DN-404). Despite skepticism, it's a bold step in token evolution.

Onchain Boosts — Zora released a new feature that allows anyone to load up a mint with gas to be paid on behalf of collectors. Cooper talks about why – in light of a spike in onchain referral rewards – Boosts are going to change distribution and advertising onchain.

Today’s Frame: Mint a Penny by Coinbase 🪙

Channel of the Day: /donothing hosted by Gaut

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