Daily Signal - We Are So Back 🎩

February 20th

A full set of ten Autoglyphs were sold onchain for 5000 ETH

“Moments ago, a full set of ten Autoglyphs, minted originally by Larva Labs themselves, was sold to a Distinguished Private Collector for 5,000 ETH, making it one of the top NFT sales ever recorded onchain…”

MetaMask Reveals 55% Surge in Users + Introduces Default Security Alerts

“In 2024, MetaMask estimates that the security alerts will prevent hundreds of millions worth of assets from being stolen.”

Ethereum Hits $3,000 For First Time Since April 2022 + ETF Anticipation

ETH hit $3k, and then quickly rolled back. Still, the market is clearly excited for new developments, new users, and new capital from potential ETF inflows.

DEGEN Fundraise

“Happy to announce that the $DEGEN angel investing round is now done! 1Confirmation is our lead investor, with amazing Farcaster OGs and friends backing us as well. The funding will help us grow the Degen ecosystem and community to be even more badass! Big shoutout to everyone riding this wave with us!”

Beyond the Hoodie: Why Tech Bros Have Money but Nothing to Wear

“Web3 fashion founder and crypto investor gmoney is hoping the new collection for his label, 9dcc, will give tech guys the confidence to shop for luxury.”

Twitter Cross-Follow

Use Yup to instantly cross-follow everyone from Twitter on Farcaster (and vice-versa).

Today’s Frame: Cast Different by Ted

Channel of the Day: /farcastles hosted by raulonastool.eth

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