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GM Farcaster: goodbye 2023

GM Farcaster weekly recap Dec 25-Dec 29, 2023

Welcome to the last GM Farcaster weekly recap for 2023. We only had one show last week and took a little time off for the holidays.

Next week, we are back to our regular three days BUT slight time change for Monday, January 1 -- we'll start at 11:30 am ET; Wednesday and Friday we'll be back to 8:30 am ET.

Adrienne and NounishProf IRL meetup

We also had a GM Farcaster Team Retreat -- in other words, Adrienne and Prof had lunch! AND we strategized for 2024! Thanks for supporting the launch of GM Farcaster -- can't wait to see what we accomplish in 2024!

GM Farcaster episode 40, December 27, 2023

Show Notes and Links – some of the stuff we talked about:

GM Farcaster Team Retreat:

And a focus for 2024:

Merry Shipmas:

Small improvement for Warpcast mobile:

Vibeshift O’Clock by @bias – mint with warps:

You can reorder your favorite channels:

Outcasters snapshot 024:

FC Scenius Lexicon project:

Purple vote up now for channel retro funding:

What’s your DAU guess for 2024?

Meanwhile on Twitter…

Welcome Back Ted!

Personal Channels:

YES, Die Hard is a Christmas Movie:

How many dm convos have you had on Farcaster?

Great new channel Brian:

And some other casts we didn’t get a chance to chat about:

Farcaster Holiday CoCreated:

Farcaster signups since inception:

What do you want to do next with warps?


If Phil had only watched GM Farcaster…

qDAUs of the Year awards:

And our musings elsewhere:

Adrienne: Some of the Things: A Look Back on 2023

Farcaster Fall essay:

And Adrienne’s Podcast – Four Old College Friends:

Nounish Prof: Unpacking with Prof:

GM Farcaster weekly recap for last week:

AND is live along with a new GM Farcaster FAQ:

AND GM Farcaster is now available everywhere you get your podcasts including Apple podcasts and Spotify!

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