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Taking the Leap

Gnars DAO is stoked to announce the launch of our Base Jump initiative, a pivotal migration from the Ethereum mainnet to the Base network's Layer 2. This transition represents a significant advancement in reducing our governance friction and slashing gas costs for transactions such as settling, bidding, and voting by over 99%. It's a critical milestone in our mission to onboard a million shredders onchain.

Our four-step migration strategy, developed in collaboration with Builder DAO, guarantees a smooth transition with minimal technical complications. By establishing a new DAO on Base utilizing the Nouns Builder Protocol, Gnars DAO is poised to enhance its accessibility significantly. This strategic move heralds a new era of increased accessibility, community engagement, and innovation within the extreme sports and blockchain communities.

Join in on the discussion and ask questions in the Discord thread here.

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Gnars at ETH Denver

Rumor has it someone will be doing a kickflip over some pizza boxes.. if you're going to be in Denver for the conference, be sure to RSVP for the Pizza DAO event here.

Gnars Info Frame

People have been building all sorts of cool Frames on Farcaster, but none as gnarly as this one by Tomu. This is a great way to spread some general info about Gnars on social. Check out the cast below.

Alps x Gnars at Rusutsu

The recent event at the Rusutsu resort in Japan was a resounding success. Noggles are everywhere you look in these photos and videos. Check out more on their Twitter and join Alps today!

Bigshot Toys Coming Soon

Bigshot Klim never disappoints, we're all stoked for the drop of these little nounish friends.






We have lots of exciting proposal ideas constantly in the works. Please take a look and give feedback in the discord forum! In particular, the second proposal in our series for Base jumping is coming up. Please be sure to ask any questions you may have!

Community Highlights

DHNOuns Gloves

Look at how gnarly these things are.

Gnarsauce in the wild

Gnarsauce has been spotted all over the world. Where will it pop up next?


Check out the collection at

$NOGS for Gnars

With NNS’s Social Staking program all onchain proposal activity, including submitting proposals and voting on them, earns you $NOGS tokens! You earn 10k tokens for every vote and 25k for every proposal submission. Check out the announcement on Twitter. You can also check out this post on Nouns.Blog for more details.


Check out SkateHive and SurfHive, where you can publish content and get paid for it!

That’s Gnarly Highlights


Bodyboard em Itacotiara

New Hippie

In Other Nouns

Keep proliferating and stay Gnarly βŒβ—¨-β—¨ 🀘

Gnars are a new way to fund extreme athletes

We prefer a world where kids aren't sold energy drinks by their heroes. So as a community of action sports enthusiasts, we've formed a DAO to rethink how extreme athletes get sponsored.

Gnars are NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain

Based on Nouns open source and CC0 artwork, they're stored fully on-chain with no external dependencies. Each one gets you a DAO vote and memberships are available at auction, forever.

Gnars are dedicated to supporting the artistry of extreme athletes

Website | Auctions | Twitter | Instagram | Discord

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