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We are thrilled to share some significant updates with you and extend our heartfelt gratitude for your continued patience and support.

Gnars DAO has Landed on Base!

We've officially launched Gnars DAO on Base. The auctions are now live on Nouns Builder here. Here's a quick recap of what you need to know:

  • A 1:1 Gnar airdrop has been conducted on Base for every Gnar held on ETH mainnet.

  • The Gnars on Base feature entirely new trait configurations, enriching our collection.

  • Currently, the artwork is in Gnars HD, but we'll be working to transition to fully on-chain art in the near future.

Despite a few challenges during the migration process, we've made huge progress and are almost finished. However, even though there's still work to be done, the Gnars you've received are ready for action. Your Gnars on mainnet remain yours, alongside the new Base Gnars! Here's a quick look at what's next:

  • A proposal for Gnars L1 to migrate the treasury.

  • The sale of early ID Gnars on Base (0-626) will generate additional revenue.

  • An exciting new token airdrop and rewards are coming soon on Farcaster.

Check out Gami's full announcement in Discord here. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to any of us or post in our Discord.

Conquering a Volcano

Huge shoutout to Rickyday and Sunny Pires for their successful proposal to Nouns! Congrats, we're stoked to see what you guys can do! If you haven't seen it yet, read the full proposal here.

ETH Denver Edit

Vlad shared a sick edit of his time in Denver for the ETH Denver conference. Also check out his post about the conference on SkateHive here.

$NOGS for Gnars

With NNS’s Social Staking program all onchain proposal activity, including submitting proposals and voting on them, earns you $NOGS tokens! You earn 10k tokens for every vote and 25k for every proposal submission. You can also check out this post on Nouns.Blog for more details.


Check out SkateHive and SurfHive, where you can publish content and get paid for it!

You can also now swap your HIVE tokens directly for BTC and ETH without leaving the app!




We have lots of exciting proposal ideas constantly in the works. Please take a look and give feedback in the discord forum! In particular, the second proposal in our series for Base jumping is coming up. Please be sure to ask any questions you may have!

In Other Nouns

Keep proliferating and stay Gnarly ⌐◨-◨ 🤘

Gnars are a new way to fund extreme athletes

We prefer a world where kids aren't sold energy drinks by their heroes. So as a community of action sports enthusiasts, we've formed a DAO to rethink how extreme athletes get sponsored.

Gnars are NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain

Based on Nouns open source and CC0 artwork, they're stored fully on-chain with no external dependencies. Each one gets you a DAO vote and memberships are available at auction, forever.

Gnars are dedicated to supporting the artistry of extreme athletes

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