Daily Farcaster Opportunities


Farcaster ecosystem is an enneract. It's easy to lose your trails amongst the noise. Though even the noise thereabouts is a vehicle that filters better signals from our peers.

However, closely-coupled genuine collective instances of consciousness have started to create rather airy nichés of cultural evolution.

Daily Opportunities

It does not matter whether you are after a channel where you can meet based and productive mentors, or memecoins, or bounties. As many of you should have known by this time, Farcaster is brimming with the genuine type of networked opportunities. Here is a list that I compiled from my disorderly ordered Roam Research notes.

Nouns Ecosystem

Nouns is more or less a hyperstructural abstraction on the onchain collective consciousness level for me. The deeper you verb, the more proper you noun. For the avid and curious researcher who wants to be a fullstack builder, building up a Nouns empowered guild from the scratch and running it as a community would serve as an educational bootcamp.

Thanks to unbiased leadership amongst the well-known figures in the ecosystem thereof, we are witnessing a viable nouns x farcaster integration at the protocol level; and, iterations thereof is unbounded.

Below is a couple of currently open opportunities for anyone who dares to contribute to the onchain cultural evolution at the nexus of nouns and Farcaster.

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/nounsfarcaster could be the hottest call to action that I have encountered lately. It is basically a challenge to build a communications channel for Nouns on top of the Farcaster protocol.

According to their website, three teams who accrue the highest votes on a Nouns Prop House proposal will be allocated $USD 100K each for a sprint of building. An incentivized hackathon if you please.

The applications are open through March 24. If you have not proposed under any Prophouse track before, please get acquainted with the specific proposal's guidelines.

You should pay attention to details. A well-pitched proposal might bring forth a chance that you have never thought of. Here is the website for detailed information:


Rounds is a novel client that utilizes the social layer on the Farcaster protocol for channels-based competitive governance experiments on a loosely-coupled approach.

The idea is basically that you can have a community channel around water where people cast any sort of content regarding water ranging from intellectually satisying memes to mechanism design ideas. Others can react to these casts, which function as a funding round if the given channel community is running a campaign on Rounds.

Currently, there are several rounds on Rounds for channels-based communities including /nouns, /higher, /nouns-animators, /members-only, and /yellow. For instance, I created the below meme for the Higher culture, and will be awarded their native token pro rata in line with the rounds condition. People are paid in ether in some other channels such /nouns for their contribution.

Basically, if you are running a community that nurtures itself through Farcaster channels, you will soon be in need of a Rounds round as a meta-governance praxis regardless of your previous governance configurations.

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