Day 213

Exactly two year ago, I quit smoking and drinking for about a year. Then, I restarted smoking at intervals. Now, we are good again. I also started hitting the gym. I am not going to mention about the conditions of my parole off the mediocre premia through the quotidian.

Tomorrow, I'll hit the gym for the 213th day in 2 years. Way lower than I had assumed before going through that thyroiditis the last August. I'll get better. Now, because of these sinusites around ears, and some dysfunction at the right eustachium, I cannot wear those Apple Airpod Pro 1st generation earbuds anymore—to be honest, in my humble opinion, we should not be wearing anything that fills the ear channel, and seals it. Hence, I finally ordered a cushion replacement kit for my Austrian Audio hi-x55 that I ordered during the 2022 bull.

Why am I even telling you about it? It's almost 4 a.m. and I want to wake up at 10 a.m. at the latest, and I also wanna write a sentence or two.

Today, I recorded a video of myself having figured out how to connect that iRig Keys I/O MIDI controller to Logic Pro. I am thinking about starting random livestreams on Unlonely since it's the easiest right now. The sound will be lo-fi because I just do not want to waste time on setting up a niché for recording at this lil flat we have even though I have the mixer, condensed mic, and necessary mixing interfaces for a nice audio. I'll just make noise and some of you will come to listen to only to leave in a minute, and I'll keep reading about evolutionary psychology because I want to build a dating service on top of the social layer that caters to any network state citizen with enough self-awareness, hygiene, and longevity escape velocity dreams.

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