On the Ingroup Hatred across Web3 and Crypto

There is a pattern in almost every human group, collective or society. People tend to dig one another's grave incessantly in every manner possible. It can be a la style, or through the most vicious and monstrous manner imaginable—even if it means wedging the sky beneath their feet so the fall is indeed free. I feel lucky to have grown up sensing this here and there without going paranoid.

Crypto-"space" or web3 ecosystem is no different from all available tracks that intersect at the cryptographically securable future promises. Many people I know virtually or in real life are honest, hardworking ones who not only optimize their individual integrity both mentally and physically thanks to crypto-oases, they are also doing their best, most of the time pro bono, to better the societal and civilizational level public goods, their funding, and the tooling needed to achieve innovation.

These people operate in diverse areas such as protocol design, economic incentives research, decentralized science (DeSci), zero knowledge (ZK), cryptography, the network state (tNS), neurotech, artificial intelligence (AI), collective wellbeing—could not find a better label for that which is dubbed as wellness, emergent markets, open financial primitives, and many more.

Since, as some of you already know, I myself am a generalist process geek, I have mental stake in all of these areas, focusing mainly on the idea markets, product design, and community coordination thereof—I have a couple of years to become the "sovereign stack"

myself by mastering the infrastructure, and the programming tools.

Lately, a situation strikes me, bedazzles me even though I am not affected by these issues amongst other fellow human-beings for I have learnt the hard way not to be bendable towards the detrimental edges of external factors. I just try to balance, and hang out with people on the forum without any agoraphobia.

People just hate each other in crypto. I am not talking about crypto Twitter (CT). I am not alluding to the market wars among top investors, or protocol leads, market makers, either. Where money and status is at hand, and especially during the recessions like this one we are going through globally, it is utterly normal.

Yet I am talking about the entirety of the above tracks I mention. People keep calling one another names, namedropping against actually constructive figures wherever possible. I know that the song "Baby, I was a Teenage Anarchist" has a nice ring to its tune but it ain't that either.

I have a solution: The ingroup, which is a dynamic one, shall just love one another. It's because when you start dispersing love at every conference, and then start to openly hate one another just because you could not find a bottle of Melatonin shall not endanger our future.

Do not hate the builders, and developers. Agree to disagree.

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