/philosophy: A Permissionless Ideas and Decentralized Thought Network

/philosophy Channel will Have an Automated Curation by Moderation Process for the Main Feed thereof.

Introducing the "Permissionless Idea and Decentralized Thought Network" for the /philosophy Channel


  • Do I need a Hypersub subscription to be able to cast to the channel?

    • No, your casts will appear in the recent feed; yet if you want to have your casts curated into the signal-rich main feed, you'll need the subscription.

  • Where will the funding go?

    • Please read the post in its entirety.

  • Is this post a signal towards future perks?

    • In the sense of a financial investment advice, strongly NO—that is, this is neither a call to action for any financial advice nor an implicit encouragement thereof. That is, subscribe only and only if you want to take part in a mature permissionless idea and decentralized thought network where experiments into collective knowledge and value sharing is encouraged towards a mutually inclusive platformality.

  • Can I be a co-moderator today?

    • No, it's merits based on a proven track.

  • Where can I subscribe?

    • Please make sure that you read the entire post first, and scroll to the bottom to see the subscription button.

  1. The Farcaster core developers and builders deserve a long holiday. However, it appears that the next holiday they are going on seem to be on an Andromedan horizon at the end of a millennia long journey—since they develop, build, and deliver in real time against all odds, competition, and this humane mediocrity of ours that hysterically forces us complain, complain, and complain.

...add Ballmer echo: Deliver, deliver, deliver!

  1. Curation by moderation on publicly available channels of communication is a demanding task. No wonder that some of the Reddit channels went on become of entire platforms themselves with millions of subscribers, and a dedicated set of a) core users, b) active end users. The more moderators thereof put in work, the more scalable the platforms became; moderation having turned into a full time work for some. We would not have that user-friendly and comprehensive Learn Japanese wiki without a certain set of rules that set the standards for a merits based functional platform. Remember today we have some of the best distributed validation protocols on the Ethereum consensus level thanks to the immense devotion of the /Ethstaker community and their mods.

  2. Yesterday, the channel decentralization has been commenced in real time. As of this moment, and for the time being, channels are in a phase of total decentralization by means of a sufficient decentralization first. It's significant to appreciate the reality as such. Sufficient decentralization is present at almost all protocol levels ranging from PoS economics design at the consensus level to Farcaster protocol's architectural modularity. Achieving a pattern language demands an accountable professionality is all—which deters any bad actors, or those with good intentions but maligned incentives, to hijack the engines of perfection.

  3. I'd been hosting the philosophy channel since the day team publicly announced that they're assigning channels to willing parties—it's been quite some time but people should know that there were no channels almost about a year ago, and the progress the protocol has made so far is inspiring. Right before the influx of new users—whom I deem valuable at all times—thanks to the recombinantly innovative frames, it was rather easier to moderate by manual curation.

  4. Since the permissionless registration of user accounts were given a greenlight when the protocol transformed the due process unto the chain, a generic topical channel such as the philosophy itself have attracted many a user. I understand that new users might need boosts but it's dependent on their own dedication, and I have since tried to provide a cleanly curated feed stripped bare off noise with the motto, to quote Attali, that there is nothing probable in the absence of noise; and, the noise present on the channel feed with its all socially spammy and ambigous characteristics guides me to provide a better platform for the high quality signal. That is, I spent a lot of time only on the manual curation, and I abstained from any co-hosts because it was not, and is still not, the time for it—for we are witnessing almost unconditionally—yet—effectively accelerating toolkit and infra emergence, and even the fresh middleware kits might become obsolete in an hour; and, concentrating that to a cohort rather than than an easily nerdsniped techsavvy individual would bring in too much of an officious workload to a channel with less than 3K members.

  5. Today the channels are permissionless. What does it mean though?

    — There will be two feeds on the channels, respectively the main feed, and the recent feed.

    — With the preferred configuration, channel owners will be able to boost the main feed into a curation by moderation according to their contextual and platformal needs thanks to modular integration of tools and services such as Hypersub with Fabric, Automod, Airstack and others.

    — That is, when a user casts into a channel, their cast will appear in the recent regardless of any rule sets whereas the moderation components and actors will either manually or automatically curate the casts' by users that and who meet either all or any of the rules. If the owner does not want any moderation, they are free to do so, too.

  6. Given the aforementioned thought process, and with the intention of transforming this mere channel into a platform for itself, its members, and other aligned clusters of channels—please scroll down to the bottom to see the subscription button and details:

    /philosophy channel now has an uncapped subscription space on Hypersub where it costs 0.001 ether currently whose perks include the moderation access with which your casts are curated into the main feed for a wider visibility; and, an access to the general group chat.

  1. In the beginning which will not have an end, the initial Hypersub funding structure is split 5% to a subscriber rewards pool; 1% to referral awards; ~4% to Fabric protocol fees; 90% to the creator. Depending on the member retention, revenue influx, the funds will be used to pay the owner, co-moderators, any research processes, and any event expenditure except in cases where we'll need to apply to grants whose structure will indeed be dependent on the conditions surrounding our future cohort. Yes, there will be a cohort of moderators that I will personally be contacting depending on their merits—I have already contacted few, and am forming a group cluster with aligned topical channels.

  1. As a proponent and activist of and in the open source, open finance, public goods and collective cultural evolution circles, I understand that some friends of ours will have reservations. If they do not see this model befitting to their concerns, let me state my opinion: This type of sufficient decentralization with economics guard rails are prevalent in the blockchain-enabled regenerative circles, too, otherwise you would be able to have access to those generous funding rounds even whose stewards have hardships maintaining an airgap between their own aspirations and potential conflict of interests. I invite you to observe me and my future cohort of collaborators to witness how you can raise without any conflict of interest all the whilst stewarding public good funding rails which are themselves indeed public goods. That is to signal that, /philosophy channel is in need of some sort of a subsidy to promote permissionless ideas and decentralized thought.

    p.s.: Currently, the rule sets are designed by the solopreneur team, and the only rule is right now to have the Hypersub. Rules will be stated into channel norms in real time.


    • The /philosophy channel Hypersub subcription is a time-based model where you mint an ERC721 asset on a preferred time phase where monthly price is at 0.001 ether.

    • When your time expires, you can mint additional time on top of your ERC721.

    • The collection is on the Base network which is a layer 2 aka rollup solution on the Optimism Superchain stack. Our collection contract address is as follows:

    • Please subscribe via the below link:

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