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Weekly Mints by gokhan.eth #1

When I am working in ideas, I tend to want to share my drafts directly with the public, that is, friends. Since rollups make it cheaper to mint each and every idea you have either in audio-visual imagineering, or boring conceptual art pieces, or even diagrams; I tend to mint anything that I myself like—just for the provenance.

1. Ravery Club NFTs

if you are already familiar with this project, please start reading from the second section below.

This week, I have come up with an ecosystem idea across the Artist Cohort in my Hypersub community, and the open /openfinance channel, I launched the first iteration of the Ravery Club.

Ravery Club is basically an ecosystem at the intersection of conceptual art, experimental smart contractual arts, and protocol level economic design infrastructures. You can read the details in the cast that's embedded within the above Launchcaster link.

Yet if you want direct access subscribe to the artist cohort here:

...and, join the /openfinance cohort by a mint here:

I have also created a frame via Neynar to guide artists to a DeForm application form to create a cohort of interested artists.

I also wanted to provide my initial thinking about the ecosystem. It is tied to a Party Pool here. Hence, I offered this diagram:

I'll update you with following blogpost the next week.

2. Textual Mint Experiments

I've been using Zora since their launch back in 2021. I like the media formats they offered, and minted a lot of .txt pieces on their v1. I used to mainly mint on the Ethereum network but since they launched their own rollup solution I have been using all of their network offers. This week, I created the following texts:

Yup, this one was necessary. I also believe in the beauty of conceptual demagoguery since it's fun:

I also accidentally minted a previous appropriative work of mine where I played on Alvin Lucier's seminal text:

Earlier in the week, I offloaded some Figma notes from the past as mints, too:

I have also airdropped the following to my first 18 Hypersub members as a sort of a joke:

3. Ugly Art

Well, these are not exactly ugly in a sense. Here is my evalution in another Paragraph post I wrote a couple of hours ago, and it's only viable for my blockspace always pivots to itself:

The following two are my first p5js experiments. I was just trying to learn frames in a Replit environment but ended up creating these:


/uglyart is an entirely different project with fun. Just join that channel.

4. Memes

The following are memes and the fact that some of them are cheap looking AI pieces is entirely irrelevant. They could well just be empty jpegs.

I did this for my /replyguys:

This one wishes for Yearn on Base:

The following two are mere anecdotes:

...but it all started with this mint this week:

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