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The Great Soul Crossing - Web 3 Experience

"From a sentimental point of view, is it the last great Polar journey that can be made, the most striking of all journeys...and the last great adventure in the history of South Polar exploration"
Sir Ernest Shackleton, 1922

the great soul crossing

A Web 3 Experience
by gray wolf labs, genius network, and akshay nanvanti

The Web3 Experience

Modeled closely after the Great Soul Crossing raise to help Akshay Nanavanti make history, The Great Soul Crossing Web3 Experience also gives you a unique collectible and the opportunity to etch your contribution into the blockchain forever.

There are 50 custom images, each with a special audio message from Akshay.

How It Works:


There is a max supply of 10,000 NFTs, 200 of each image and audio message. Once the fundraising goal is hit, the minting will be paused and never be resumed. At that point in time, Great Soul Crossing collectibles can only be acquired by purchasing from someone else.

Mint Price:
The mint price is .0055 eth, right around $9 at the time of the mint. When you mint an NFT you are actually creating a brand new piece of artwork onto the blockchain. This one also grants you access to bonuses.

The royalties are set at 10% on secondary market sales.
4% to Akshay for the Great Soul Crossing journey and follow-up products
3% to Gray Wolf Labs to improve the Web3 Experience
3% to Artists for Addicts to help fund addiction recovery and connection research

Each collectible minted moves Akshey approximately 3 meters along his journey!

1 Collectible - Essential Supporter:


Expedition updates with membership in the exclusive Fearvana Expedition Facebook group - track Akshay at every step of his journey with live tracker positioning, get notified with every major milestone, regular audio updates from Antarctica, and become a part of the great soul crossing community, with the opportunity to take part in many “mini-challenges” along with a way to support Akshay, break your own boundaries, and share your wins and insights.

PLUS - You will get a recording of his incredible presentation to Joe Polish’s “Genius Network” group - a room full of people who paid between $25,000 to $100,000 to be there. 

In this interview, Akshay reveals:

  • Why fear is not the antithesis of nirvana, but rather the access point to it

  • How he “performs alchemy” on suffering and how you can too… and get an unlimited supply of “rocket fuel for your goals”, where only fear, worry, and hesitation had power over you before...

  • Why Akshay watches war movies before accomplishing his most difficult and monumental feats, and how (and why) you can purposefully “go dark” to take more raw power and momentum into your scariest moments and blast through them like never before. This is one of, if not THE most powerful “secret weapons” of many, if not most of today’s (and history’s) greatest achievers.

  • Recording of the Q+A full of insightful questions from business greats…

  • And much more…

While this masterclass on mindset could easily sell for $199, or more, it’s included with this 1 collectible tier of support, and of course, all the other ones following…

STEP ONE: Mint Your Great Soul Crossing Collectibles:

STEP TWO: Access your bonuses here
You will need to have your Great Soul Crossing Collectible in your wallet to access

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