HAM🍖 Chronicles #3

New HAM Website Launch

Welcome to the third edition of HAM🍖 Chronicles!

A daily newsletter that covers the growing HAM ecosystem on Farcaster, where I track and investigate the most exciting and crazy Ham-centric stuff. Today's issue covers the new HAM website launch!

Brace yourself Ham lovers, It’s promises to be a wild ride 🎢

It's no news that the HAM team are super motivated to build. There's so much in the pipeline that should get every Ham lover excited! The new HAM website launch is a testament to the team's ability to ship cool stuffs.

If you visit the leaderboard page on the current website: https://based.thelp.xyz/leaderboard, you'll find the new HAM website announcement as shown in the image below.

New HAM website announcement

Once you click on the link displayed (www.ham.fun), it'll take you to the new HAM website. The landing page is displayed as seen below.

You can now view all your points and allocations on the new dashboard page! Cool, right?

Let me walk you through!

  • Once you click on the 'Dashboard Button' on the Homepage, it takes you to the new Dashboard page

  • A couple of new features and tabs have been added to the new Dashboard. You can also view the Community Points Leaderboard (as seen n the image below)

Community Points Leaderboard

  • There's also an FAQ section if you scroll down the Dashboard page, where you can find answers to some of your most pressing questions.

FAQ Section

Overall, the new HAM website was designed to give users a seamless experience. You should jump on the website today to check it out!

That’s it for today. Thank you for reading today's edition of HAM🍖 Chronicles Newsletter. I hope you found my insights helpful and informative.

See you on Monday!

Have a blast this weekend!

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