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herocast log #2

search ✅ notifications and feed improvements ✅

what is herocast again?

herocast is a desktop Farcaster client for power users aka superhuman for Farcaster. No one knows what it means, but it's provocative. It's gets the people going!

It has support for multiple accounts and can switch channels faster than you can say 'Memes'. It supports Cmd + K (command palette) to control everything. You can navigate with j and k through all lists, l to like (lowercase L) and r to recast. Switch channels on Feed page with Shift + 1 to 9. Open external links in a cast with Shift + o.

herocast is live at

Important changes

  • Improved notifications page

  • Make casting much more reliable with @mentions and embedded links

  • New search page

New search page is live

Help building herocast

What's next?

  • Improve channels

    • select shortlist (Shift + 1 to Shift 9), subscribe, show channel image

    • support channels generated by Hypeshot and other Farcaster clients

  • Improve casting

    • UX improvements

    • Add images to post and upload to IPFS

  • Later: connect wallet instead of Warpcast QR code scanning, improve search

Changelog in detail

thanks to everyone that reached out for feedback or reported bugs 🙏🏼

  • "l" (lowercase L) to like for ccarella

  • press r to recast

  • embed urls for @macbukowksi

  • fix casting paragraph links and fix @ mention bug @macbukowksi

  • Add search page using searchcaster api

  • always show images for @artlu.eth and @nobuilder.eth @christin @pol

  • improve feed view, improve thread view in notifications

  • bigger profile pictures

  • text of cast is too small

  • check account connection status and update if needed async

Collect this post to support the development ⬇️ (I'm testing a paid mint)