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I'm Interested: Vol. 2 🖼️

In this issue: frames, frames, frames

Hi everyone, and welcome to I'm Interested - our weekly newsletter to keep you updated with all things interesting re: jobs, hiring, and web3.

I’m Alec.eth 🤠 - the Chief Alec Officer of, a web3 hiring platform that helps teams find their next great hire through high-quality referral funnels. To learn more about the history of @interestefyi: check out our very first edition here

But TLDR; after my 5+ years of web3 recruiting - hiring in web3 still sucks. So, I'm on a mission to make hiring transparent, effective, and efficient. Don’t believe me? Create a profile as a recruiter or a candidate at to try us out! 

This past week has been officially dubbed “Frames” Frenzy. As I write this newsletter, I can say I have pulled my fair share of all-nighters building Frames and testing out this innovative new feature on Farcaster with our community at /jobs. 

Web3 moves fast, but you can move faster. Join /jobs on Farcaster to stay updated daily on the latest openings, referral bounties and best talent in the market. We have over 5.4K+ (woohoo ! ) casters posting everything from new roles to seeking advice on conquering the current job market. 

So without further ado, let's dive into all the interesting things happening and /jobs this week 🤠

Just Frame it 🖼 

We are Farcrazy for Frames 👨‍🍳🥩

Jan 26th, aka “Frames Friday", was one of the best gifts our good lord and savior @dwr bestowed upon us. And we took the bait. We scrapped our initial idea for the bot and spent the entire weekend/week building out @interestedfyi Frames, where companies can post jobs and talent can get their profile seen with one click.

It’s been a roller coaster of a week. We’ve had to make changes with our infra provider, our production version broke a few times, our engineer @pickleback pulled several 36-hour marathons, and I almost tore my hair out. But it’s all been worth it!

We launched our inaugural Frames last Monday and have been dropping new Job Frames ever since with our frens @OPLabs @variant @Axiom @base @Connext @Flashbots and @Shapeshift!

Our initial @interestedfyi Frame was pretty simple; it contained the job description and one button where you can express interest in a role. But even though it was simple, the feedback was phenomenal!

Just good enough is NOT an option
Oh you thought that was it? Let's not forget; contentment and adequate sleep are foreign concepts to most founders. So, we spent the next three days iterating our Frames.  

Our goals were three-fold :

  1. Frictionless Distribution: Establish Interested Fyi Frames as the onchain Easy Apply for talent 

  2. Like attracts Like: incentivize folks to refer the best, high quality candidates from their social circles

  3. Ensure Completed Profiles: Make onboarding and adding in crucial details simple.

We added more functionality beyond “I’m interested”:

  • Nomination text input + “Nominate” button 

  • Referral bounties for some open listings 

  • Automatic account creation for new users 

  • Easy "Sign in with Farcaster” 

  • “Finish Onboarding” redirect to complete profile details

And voila! Introducing the new and improved @interestedfyi Frame !

We're so excited to bridge the gap between strong web3 talent and hiring teams. Here's the TLDR on how Frames work 👇🏼

Mini Overview: When you express interest in a role or nominate another Farcaster fren, your/their Farcaster ID (FID)  gets sent to the recruiter and an account is automatically created if you/your referral is a new user. 

1. Expressing interest: If you are on Farcaster, click on one of our latest Frames below. You will see a summary of the role description and can click “View details” to see the full listing. 

If you want to refer yourself, click “I’m interested,” and you will see a success page. Click “Finish Onboarding” to add more details to your profile to maximize your chances of being hired. You must sign in with Farcaster once to connect your Farcaster and profile.

2. Nominating Frens : 

Interests are just the start. We also support nominations. If you have talented friends on Farcaster, add their username in our Text input field below and click “Nominate”. The more nominations a person has,  the higher the signal to the recruiter.

We will be releasing some roles with bounties, so if your nomination is successful, you can be eligible for $$$.  But remember it's a race - so the first person to nominate a successful candidate gets the pot of gold! 

If you are wondering why you should nominate, here’s a few reasons: 

  1. Referrals are the most effective way to get yourself/your friends hired. So if you have a job in web3, pay it forward by nominating your talented peers. If you are looking for a job, you owe it to yourself to maximize your chances of success.

  1. Successful referrals help you contribute to scaling the team and boost your reputation in the space.

  2. Get paid for your social network; some open roles on Farcaster will have a $3-5K bounty. If your referral is successful, you get that piece of the pie!

Not on Farcaster? No problem!

If you aren’t on Farcaster, don’t worry! You can still express interest and nominate on our website. Simply head to and sign up with an email to get a magic link. 

After signing in, you can look at all the Jobs and Companies hiring. We have so many jobs with web3 companies who are hiring including OP, Safe, Eigenlayer, Karma3, Socket, Zerion and more.

After clicking on an open role, you can refer yourself by clicking “I’m interested” at the top or nominate a friend by clicking “Refer someone” which is right below the button. 

You can fill out their email details + give some context as to why they are the best fit. Make sure to share the nomination with your network! It’s a great way to publicly endorse your support.

Admin portals for Hiring Teams: 

If you’re wondering what happens after you click, don’t worry. This is what happens when clicking; we register your interest or nomination with the respective Farcaster ID and get you directly to our partners’ admin portals .

Each company partner gets their own admin portal where they view all active listings, candidate interests and nominations. 

We'll be opening up this view to hiring teams this week so they can start getting back to people via Direct Casts and export the applications to their ATS systems. Our goal is to signal high quality talent to our partners and get them into interviews ASAP. 

Frames for Everyone !

The biggest unlock that we see with Frames is enabling teams to have targeted distribution of their open roles to high-quality communities such as FC and directly connect to top talent. So far, we have already dropped Frames with 7+ companies, and we are only getting started.

If your team is hiring and wants serious, high-quality candidates - reach out to me @alec.eth on Farcaster and I can get you started :)

In the meantime, check out our latest Frames!

Huge thanks to our frens @Optimism @variant @Axiom @base + @zerion for trusting us!  

1. @Optimism and @OPLabs posted 2 Frames for Security Protocol engineer and Staff PM roles for the Protocol team. 

  1. Variant has an opening for an Investment partner.  If you have a passion for investing and helping web3 teams scale , express your interest below.

  1. Axiom doesn't have one, BUT THREE open roles across backend infra, smart contracts, and zk. Click on the frame and get connected to Yi Sun directly!

  1. And Connext has an open role for Head of Marketing. If you are a pro at marketing, strategy and comms, click the frame here.

Ty for all the love 🫶🏽

Since we’ve launched Frames,we have faced exponential growth. Our /jobs channel has grown from 3.1K to 5.3K+ followers in 7 days! That’s over +200 new casters joining our community every day since launching our frame! 

It is insane how effective Frames are as an interactive distribution tool. We also achieved ATH on our daily website traffic with over 175 interests expressed across all Frames our hiring teams have shared.

Most importantly, our community at /jobs and beyond cheered us on and gave us valuable feedback for iterating. We are so grateful to all of you for having our backs and for being open to trying one of the first hiring experiments on FC 🙏

What’s Next? 

We are still riding the Frames wave! Frames have enabled us to deliver our value prop in a fast, seamless way and we want to keep on iterating to make hiring an effortless and transparent process for both teams and talent. 

Admin Views for all teams :

We are working on getting teams their own admin portal with a dashboard and ability to DM candidates directly on FC. We want to optimize for easy follow-up and reduce the latency between application review and interviews .

Referral Bounties in new Frames:

We will be reposting our current referral bounties in our latest frames and focusing on improving onboarding and gamifying nominations to get the best talent in the pipeline.

Upcoming AMA: 

We will also be hosting an AMA with a secret guest this week, so make sure to follow /jobs on Farcaster and watch this thread 🙂

Get Frame-pilled with us!

Thank you for sticking with us this far! Its been a crazy week and we are excited to to share all of our updates and have folks clicking our Frames.

We are going all in on Frames, so feedback is top of mind! Join us on Farcaster by scanning the screenshot below ( it's free if you are in the US ) and start clicking our Frames in /jobs to help us iterate.

If your team is hiring, get targeted talent distribution by spinning out your own @interestedfyi Frame - DM me @alec.eth on Farcaster or @Chipagoesfinest on X and I can get you one!

Make sure to subscribe to I'm Interested so that you can keep up with our latest job openings, get connected to hiring teams faster and keep a pulse on web3's hottest talent. Till then, stay interested!

Alec 🤠

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