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What's New in Onchain Music?

Farconcert. Boost. Audius Dashboard. Daniel Allan. demotapes. Memba. Kasbo. DANC3 & more.

Lots of great music emerged this week, many of them in collaboration with our sponsor Coop Records Music.

Coop Records finalized a collaboration with Helix for the latest demotapes track featuring Reo Cragun - Wishing Well.

Daniel Allan is back with his first single since “I Just Need” called “Spaceman” with RIZ LA VIE and Emilia Ali.

Memba made their onchain debut fresh off their sold out headline tour.

Kasbo released their genesis in preparation for their upcoming album.

helloworld launched a new era for his artist project - dropping Heartpiece on Sound (with 14 Limited Editions left to collect!)

DANC3 released a new mixtape - with a large group of artists and producers from their community.

Tia Tia releases a new track as she nears 1M monthly listeners. Be the first to hear it here.

Many of these tracks have incentives on Boost inbox. Be sure to visit to claim rewards for collecting on Sound.

Find them all on our Music Monday playlist. We add ~20 songs we’re listening to each week, spotlighting one artist on the cover. Send us your songs on a Warpcast DM to be featured!

Get a song airdropped to account every day by collecting a subscription to Coop Records Club on Hypersub.

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Invest in Music is sponsored by Coop Records - an onchain record label.

Coop Records has released 150+ songs onchain and drops daily.

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Movers in the Space

Farconcert Lineup Announced

The official Farcon Summit Afterparty hosted by Coop Records Music.

Boost Launches Coop Records Case Study

See how Coop Records used Boost to grow their audience.

Audius Launches New Protocol Dashboard

A new way to visualize everything going on at Audius.

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