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Building Tools For /tabletop

A Farcaster quasi-client for /tabletop

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Key Takeaways

  1. Soliciting quality feedback is invaluable.

  2. People want to push things forward.

  3. Build in public

Y'all know I love board games.

I gave you my top 6 co-op games before, and I've been growing the /tabletop channel since ~June 2023. We just passed 50k over the weekend and are continuing to grow!

The question for me as channel lead, then, is wtf do I do with all these people? I've been wrestling with the question since before ETHDenver, back when we were but a tiny 36k

Feedback Loops

So I asked the channel. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This is the secret sauce. Do stuff, get feedback on it, and iterate. The ABCs of building:

seeking feedback about what you're Creating

The feedback was invaluable. For ~$500 in DEGEN tips, I got a specific feature list of what the /tabletop community wants.

  • find other casters + coordinate together to play games

  • strategy threads

  • how-to-play threads

  • minority recognition

  • organization

As someone who's played online board games before, getting people to commit and show up to events is difficult, even if you know all the folks beforehand.

So the most valuable product is something that smooths out the UX issues of coordinating people in both (digital) space and time.

The Vision

The internet robs us of moments, it's Everything Everywhere, All At Once. Very much an open mouth, insert firehose situation.

Board games give us defined start and end points; rules define the protocol that we sit down and abide by - this is what we value (points), here's how to get them, and there are both winners and losers at the end (even for co-ops!) I want to enable casters to have more moments together over board games!


The, as of now, unnamed /tabletop Quasi-Client in the works will smooth out the coordination issues of organizing games and enable organization of user stats and logins by Farcaster fids. One login, one dataset across platforms, as only web3 and self-sovereign accounts can do.

These are early days but looking forward to seeing what we can do with this quasi client of ours (s/o @cameron for the term). Quasi-clients are micro-apps that will be intimately useful to specific users and gain Daily Active Users from that utility alone.

Making it a reality

@rustopian is working to connect Farcaster with BGA, with more planned beyond. The proof of concept is that simple connection, with events infrastructure from @matthew at handling the anchoring of casters in time and digital space.

In the meantime, I am drumming up activity in /tabletop, experimenting with activation tools like GIVE, tipsterBot, and board gaming activity.

Almost done with Catan Week!

Dominion next week!

Proof of Concept

The initial idea is to connect Farcaster accounts to the game platform BoardGameArena such that Farcasters can invite and challenge each other to games on BGA.

Stay tuned for announcements!

Crowdfunding for the website

Asking for DEGEN tips to claim project domain, 45k raised, only 45k more to go fam!

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