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Customization is Coming

Farcaster Frames and Cast Actions customize social experiences

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Key Takeaways

  1. Farcaster Frames lets devs use individual user context for processing and presenting information. ex. You (cast viewer) have ${amount} DEGEN in your connected wallet.

  2. Transaction frames let devs propose transactions for users to approve and execute. ex. You (cast viewer) tip 50 $DEGEN to @ispeaknerd.eth.

  3. Cast actions let users initiate those frames on other users' casts. ex. ${userB} has ${amount} $DEGEN in their wallet.

  4. Cast actions can be transaction actions too! ex. I (cast action-er) tip 50 $DEGEN to ${userB}

Customizable Community Interface

Farcaster is leading the way with custom social experiences using crypto. Devs a lot to work with when user data is all transparent and accessible thanks to blockchain. User-level customization is the ability to cater experiences to the context of each user; I love board games but @colin prefers to cast about his (delicious looking) dinners.

Connections with other users (social graph) and onchain data from your connected wallet address is rich soil for developers to create contextual experiences within the context of each user.

One of the most easily understood examples is Roastcaster, a LLM-powered roast generation frame. Here's mine:

It pulls data from my connected wallet about my POAPs, Zora mints, and ENS as well as using my Farcaster data.

Frames and Cast Actions allow developers to empower users with custom content using that contextual identity of each caster.


As I said previously:

Frames are small apps that run inside of casts. Interactive off-site content, basically telegram/discord bots that interface with users within a single cast.

Frames allow for personalized interactions because apps can leverage Farcaster profiles as user identities. Transaction frames let devs create transactions to be signed by user wallets, giving apps a path to onchain user interactions, not just API-based ones.

This is to say that, Farcaster is rolling out onchain versions of offchain features. Discord & Telegram bots that interface with users through APIs can now be transaction frames to broadcast user actions onchain.

Cast Actions

Cast Actions take it even further, allowing users to install up to five actions that can be performed on any cast. These are frame actions; they combine user context with outside information to report to the caster.

Think of them as the Farcaster version of user-installed slash commands on Discord. They use a specific bot but only work for users that have installed them, i.e. granted the bot access to use their data. This gives users not only customized experiences, but also users can initiate those experiences on any cast. They are not limited to casts with that particular frame in them.

Devs have been busy so here are some of my favorite actions to let users:

  1. Analyze a caster's post history to determine if they're a Bot or Not

  2. Tip DEGEN onchain to other casters

  3. Make a haiku from a cast

(2) is especially intriguing here because it shows that if frames can propose transactions, and actions are frames, then actions allow casters to initiate onchain interactions with other Farcaster users directly from the social feed! I foresee only further customization for Farcaster as devs build ways for casters to interact with off- and onchain with both each other and with apps. Very exciting stuff!

It seems that the Warpcast team is being very careful to curate a safe set of actions to approve for now, but eventually they will decentralize it. At that time we will likely see scam frames attempting to initiate sketchy transactions. I expect and hope that they are working on solutions to safeguard us.

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